Carlo Guevara for Bench Body

Bench finally comes up with the poster of its Be Bench Model Search grand winner, barely legal Carlo Guevara. The 18-year-old upstart beat heavy favorites John James Uy and Haroun “Ron” Morales for the top modeling prize. He now appears in ABS-CBN shows as part of his booty in the contest. While Carlo is the reluctant boy in briefs, eliminees John and Ron have started taking the sexy route by going shirtless in Bench ads and in TV. Carlo has now been cast in a teen show in ABS-CBN.

19 thoughts on “Carlo Guevara for Bench Body”

  1. Not the best pose for an underwear ad; makes the butt look flat. Having said that, I do like Benchbody undies esp the hipster ones. Unfortunately, they are not readily available in this side of the planet.

  2. Carlo is one example of an angel face in a grown man’s body. In person he looks so boyish, not tall but very fit and yummy. That yumminess, ironically, isn’t very visible here although he’s almost naked.

  3. …no offense, but he looks “badinger-z” in this pic, the make-up on the face did not appear artistic to me instead made him look like a “drag”

  4. Truly, Quintin, it’s “not the best pose for an underwear ad; makes the butt look flat.” As a matter of fact, kung may pagnanasa ka kay Carlo, mawawala sa picture na ito. For some strange reason, nakakaalis ng libog.

  5. yup.. i agree with the other post.. his face just doesnt fit his body.. ang TOTOY talaga ng dating tpos yung katawan super developed na.. parang patung tuloy.. haha.. tsaka parang drawing yung abs!!

    makapag-aral na nga ng photoshop.. hehe

  6. carlo looks best when he smiles, so i’d have him sporting a preppy look, smiling broadly down at motorists in colorful crotch-hugging bench boxer. that could be a real come-on, and..hard-on!

  7. hahaha! thanks for the tip, anonymous (december 10, 2:23 pm). i saw his pic, and john lloyd does look like a sanitized version of boy abunda. hahaha speaking of lloyd, i think this guy is presumptuous and homophobic; i saw him host wowowee once and i squirmed at the way he made fun of a gay contestant and talked to him condescendingly with a “kadiri” look in his face. could it be that he has a dominant feminine side – given his homophobic air, plus his preference for a tapered look and sensitivity in drama movies? hmmm…

  8. unfotunately, no amount of photoshopping can make this wannabe bench model material. considering ron won the text votes, the organizers should’ve just disregarded the votes from the judges. They clearly were out of their minds when they chose Carla.

  9. Thanks, Anonymous (December 10, 2007 2:23 PM) for the John Lloyd tip. However I don’t think that John Lloyd or his backers would allow such a photo to be released, much less in an official ABS-CBN site, for he does really look like a beautiful version of Boy Abunda and the socialite son of the late J.V. Cruz. I don’t even think it’s an authentic photograph. Blow it up and you see texture that blurs the image. Kaduda-duda pero hindi si John Lloyd kundi ang retrato. As for his supposed homophobia, I hope it’s not true. Else, sayang siya. At talagang mapagsususpechahan siyang kalahi kung homophobic nga siya.

  10. …speaking of this John Lloyd, He’s one guy (i suspect not) i never had an iota of attraction inspite of his supposedly celebrity looks? Nakakaasar ung facial features nya for me. Bakla nga cguro to!

  11. eh di maglagay rin kayo ng underwear ads nyo! or kaya put up din kayo ng company like bench! and so what’s the big deal if he looks bading in that shot? uso naman ang mga androgynous models ngayon? problema ba yan! atleast c carlo kumikita na, kayo kaya? mga laitera na wala naman nagagawa pa sa buhay ! mga walang sense of appreciation!

  12. Ahhhm Carlo G. was a nice friend and he just making his extension as a human being by surfing on that field(modeling) ,,, that’s nice and Grave attitude,, come up and find ways!!!! ryt ?

    mykel legaspi

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