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Carlo Guevara is a cute cub.

This is the latest photo of Bench model search winner Carlo Guevara for the publicity of the latest [fourth] season of Lipgloss. Carlo Guevara – who went from jelly-belly to hardy-hearty prior to becoming relatively famous – was very fit when he won the reality show that got Bench looking for fresh and new faces as its models.  It seems that he’s going the roly-poly way again, with his significant weight gain.  Just the same, watch Carlo Guevara as he takes on the role of gay Jose Mari every Saturday at 5 p.m. on TV5.
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  1. Hay… natutunaw ako. Look closely to his face and he kinda resembles Joem Bascon. Good thing he gained some pounds. Mas bagay sa kanya.

  2. He looks better with laman, kesa naman sa payatot xa nun. Pero sa Kambal sa Uma, payat nga xang tignan eh, to think n mas lumalaki ka pa daw sa tv tignan, meaning mas payat pa pala xa in person. Opinion ko lang po.

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