Naughty Boys

And more of the outtakes on the hot athletes! This time, the Philippine Azkals football team. Here are hotties Neil Etheridge [left] and Simon Greatwich hamming it up for the cameras, shirtless for a magazine shoot [and not some candid shot in the room where , supposedly, they had a fourgy. Tee-hee]. The team’s playing against Kuwait tomorrow [24 July] in their second-round qualifying match.

Neil Etheridge FTW!

So who’s your favorite member of the Philippine Azkals football team? Mine’s Neil Etheridge, the 21-year-old Filipino-English goalkeeper. Big, bulky and beckoning, Neil’s easily one of the most recognizable chaps in the team. And then again, the Younghusband brothers are cute, too. Along with the Greatwiches and Borromeo, Araneta, De Jong, and the list is seemingly endless…