JLC Dropped

April 27 , 2014 by: rddantes | [post_view]


It looks like John Lloyd Cruz will have to lie low from the unsavories for a while. Century Tuna is molding his bod till hunkingdom come. At the event last night in Boracay, he showed a sample of his torso. He dropped! This time in a good way – he dropped some poundage.

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48 thoughts on “JLC Dropped

  1. mauubos na lahat ang tuna sa GenSan pero di talaga genetically built ang katawan ni John Lloyd para maging hunk. Sana sardinas na lang ang inendorse nya

  2. Pokenginang yan, wlang ka-appeal appeal ang hindot na adik slash alcoholic slash maniakis vaginal-locked asshole!

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