Superbod (could have been)

April 29 , 2014 by: rddantes | [post_view]
The guy tipped to win this year’s edition of the Century Tuna Superbods, Filipino-Spanish Antonio de Murga went home empty-handed. He’s in that mold of last year’s winner, Mr. Spainhour - athletic, models, half-Filipino. When he’s not in the spotlight, Antonio plays for the United Football League as midfielder of the Loyola Meralco Sparks. In case he looks familiar, this hunk’s in that LSS-inducing breakfast commercial of McDees (Hooray for today!)
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43 thoughts on “Superbod (could have been)

    • Kaya hindi nanalo:
      1. Binili ni mama rey ang korona for mauro
      2. ayaw pasuso kay direk robbie
      3. all of the above…

  1. Ako lang ba ang hindi siya gusto? Preference I think. He looks so mabaho wth the facial hair. Tsaka may times na mukha siyang duling. Remember the tv ad with Sarah Geronimo? haha

  2. I find it refreshing that the ultimate winner isn’t mixed ethnicity. Strictly speaking, this was supposed to be a fitness/body aesthetic contest, and by any standard Rendon had the best body. But alas, we know they are looking for an image model. And I think choosing Mauro over all these mestizos was a bold move.

    • Madami na kamukha nya na tisoy e, while the winner Mauro is unique. Pure pinoy pero matangkad, macho, sexy, moreno, ma-appeal, young looking, unconventional ang pagiging gwapo. Ang lakas pa ng x-factor.

  3. @Anonymous (April 30, 2014 at 5:47 am):

    Well said. And I completely agree. I applaud the fact that the organizers/judges chose a very Filipino-looking, non-mestizo winner. Mauro looks to be a young, wholesome, athletic guy with a boy-next-door (albeit a hot one!) vibe. He’s both aspirational and relatable – which makes a good image model. Not all of us can be a Fil-Spanish football player (like Antonio here) or Fil-American marine (like last year’s winner, John Spainhour). So Mauro was a good pick.

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