By Chance

by: rddantes August 27, 2008 | 16 Comments |

It was really cut that way. The picture, I meant.  But don’t complain just yet.  Who knows, maybe his full nekkid glory will be posted here soon. This twink called Chance David. Remember our feature on showering with your lover? Yes, that’s the kid. The one with the nice, lean bod. And bushy down there, too!
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16 Comments on "By Chance"

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey, r these shots came from a local gay mag??? more please, aheheh


  2. Anonymous says:

    is there an ‘ANTONIO PART 2″ in the works? Chance is definitely a shoe-in for the role (fallacy of new-face syndrome). possible title for the sequel : OUT OF PRISON, NEW LIFE AT LIPS BAR.

  3. Anonymous says:

    sarap ng twink!! ganda ng katawan, makinis, tambok ng pwet, bata at sariwa!! ulam na ulam. what else can you ask for? can you post him in his full nekkid glory??

  4. Anonymous says:

    Perchance he could be a brother of Kenjie Garcia, better built and a little more mature-looking than the “Lihim ni Antonio” star.

    Were his parents bowled over by that 1979 Peter Sellers-Shirley Maclaine picture “Being There” as to name him… Chance?

  5. Melba says:

    very becky.

  6. Anonymous says:

    chaka khan.

  7. slackedge says:

    Syet!ang sarap naman nya!Sensya na sa comment ko.Hahaha!!!

  8. ka anirod says:

    Twink ba yan? hindi nga mukhang bading e. Ang super cute naman niya, chupable tlga. Joke(^-^)sana may nude exposure na su2nod. Luv it

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ay bakit di kita ang kiki?

  10. slackedge says:

    Promise favorite ko na tong batang ‘to.Hope to see more down there!Thanks again RD!

  11. wonderwhoman says:

    is there any by CHANCE that he can take a CHANCE on me? well, if he change his mind, i’ll be first in line…MAMMA MIA! mi gusto a titi el buto!

  12. ka anirod says:

    please please, post a full body nude naman niya. So cute tlga. omg 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    dont you think he looks like van from PDA?

  14. slackedge says:

    sayang nd na nakikita ni armpitlover to.I’m sure he’s dying to see this.sarap diba?

  15. Jex says:

    Chance is my closed friend. He is one of the four hunks on the cover of the Valentino Yearbook 2006 issue, which you can buy now at the magazine stand across isetan corner recto and the street bound quiapo. I happened to spot this mag this afternoon. We see each other everyday. I just had the chance of looking for his pics featured on this website to see what he has told me about, and here I found it, after the many days of looking for it. If you want to here from him (upon his approval), you can text me at this number 09393719003.

  16. Jex says:

    This guy is more handsome now than what these pictures show on the magazines. He has now bodilly matured but the youthfullness on his face is still revealling. He just want his privacy and thats the reason he no longer shows up.

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