Hot Men in the Philippines


Model Christian Arno Williams has no qualms posing in his cheap-ass underwear that’s so flimsy and gauzy, his dick’s quite detectable. Delectable. Whether it’s big as life or not, we’re only too happy to see him endorse the undercrackers.

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  1. Bench, please take note that modeled briefs look like these. No flatfronts unless your models would like to wear panties instead. Just saying.

  2. kakasawa ng magkoment sa titi ng taong ito. OO na, alam namin malaki titi niya pero iba naman malaki titi ang ifeature. Si EDWARD Mendez kaya? Waaaahhhhhhhhh

  3. naku si christian na naman…natutukso na naman akong magjakol..grabe ang pagnanasa ko sa foreignoy na to.

  4. Bakit may nagsasabi na bf ni lindaay lohan to? Pero sa latest inter iew niya sa ellen sabi niya wala syang bf?

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