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Coco Martin is busy

Born Rodel Nacianceno, Coco Martin is the most daring member of The Studs. Coco is the latest addition to the group, which came out recently with a glossy skin calendar. He has also done several indie films lately, foremost of which was the Locarno Golden Leopard awardee Masahista. He recently finished the digital flicks Ataul for Rent – where he played a prostitute [again], Tambolista , Nars and currently Batanes.
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  1. Coco Martin looks great it’s just that parang wala siyang kataste taste, jologs, and him entering showbiz left a bad impression on me… you know what I’m talkin about!

  2. COCO is a visual delight, watching him in masahista (bought the dvd for 150PHP). half the time i was going fast forward to avoid the morbid storyline. the ending was a golden moment – HE GOT F***ED.

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