Carlo was there

It looks like Be Bench Model Search grand winner and ex-future matinee idol Carlo Guevara lost a lot of poundage for the Cosmo party held recently. When he was still in TV5 doing the teen show Lipgloss, he was a teen cub. Adorable, still. At the Cosmo Bachelors Bash, he went on stage to reveal a leaner body. The crowd went howling and hooting when he went on stage to show some flesh.

27 thoughts on “Carlo was there”

  1. he looks too skinny here. you can tell he was heavy before by the stretch marks on his hips and abdomen. you have to give him credit for changing himself for the better.

  2. Subra,payat uli xa s c0sm0.. Chub xa s lipgl0ss eh.. Bka di natural pgppayat nit0,or bka mgaling lng tlga cguru umub0s ng lakas c daiana meneses haha..pis grbe ang stretchmark nya s pic n t0.

  3. SAYANG NA BATA. nawala na ang innocent looking at happy carefree spirit niya. yan talaga ang napapalala ng clamor for fame. WELL, WELCOME TO SHOWBIZ WORLD. ISA KA NA SA AMIN.

  4. dati mukhang mashadong bata kaya hindi nakaka elya, ngayon naman nagmukhang haggard na thundercat. what happened??????!!!

  5. pano ba to nanalo ng be bench?! mukhang tsonggo, boses kiki, stretchmarks galore pa! i bet may hocus pocus ala mossimo. Ron was robbed talaga!!!!

  6. hehehe…sayang pero dami din napaligaya yan…so swerti din ng nakatikim..check nyo ung utong, daming nakatikim ng asim nyan, hahaha, at least worth it kahit medium size lang…bango pa ng singit…

  7. ano meaning nung ex-future matinee idol?? hindi na sikat na future matinee idol? parang ang labo naman ata…

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