Hot Men in the Philippines


One of the controversial men-in-Bench-Body-briefs of the Philippine Volcanoes is back! Will Kenneth Stern be doing another round of those sexy ads, the ones where he will be wearing size-under briefs, bursting at the seams? Ken was recently featured in Cosmopolitan magazine’s US edition as a finalist for Cosmo 2011 Bachelor of the Year.
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  1. the crowfeet on both sides his eyes reveal that he is “gurang” already! next pls ….i hope rd you bring back andrew aquino whose photos i learned were ordered withdrawn from the album of ian felix alquiros … bakit kaya? ginagarahe na ba si andrew sa mga producers nya that they dont want to share andrew to his adoring fans? hmmmm…just thinking out loud!

  2. nothing special. mestiso lang kaya napapansin. as always, colonial mentality ang pina-iiral ng karamihan sa atin. tsk tsk tsk.

  3. he is so cute, boyish. sana he gets noticd. mabait ang batang ito. nakatrabaho ko na dati. walang ka ere ere.

  4. Most Filipinos have foreign blood running in their veins. Whats the big deal about admiring a good-looking mestizo?

  5. Ayan na naman po tayo. Konting half-puti lang o half-whatever, g’wapo na kaagad. Tsk, tsk. He’s OK but he looks just like a regular white guy.

  6. Sa February 2012 issue naman ng Cosmo mafi-feature yung teammate ni Kenny sa Phil. Volcanoes, si Chris Everingham.

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