All that bulge

The revealing photos of Ram Ace Bautista got people talking about his swelling, which took on different flaps and flops underneath his wet and thin jockeys. Prior to Ram Ace, Paul Guesande was already doing that bulge-in-undersized-skivvies thing when he posed for the now-defunct Rice bookazine [photo above] . Reportedly, mighty beefy Paul , done gyrating in Adonis and driving a taxicab around the metro, is now a dance instructor in a Greenhills studio.

4 thoughts on “All that bulge”

  1. Thanks again RD!

    He actually looks better than Ram. His body looks better than Ram’s. His cock looks bigger than Ram’s. But I still love my only Ram and Ram’s. Hehehe. In fairness, yummy din talaga itong si Paul. Mapasyal nga ang lugar sa Greenhills hehe.

  2. Paul On My Mind

    You danced on my lap at Adonis, hundreds of cums ago
    Your magnetic monstrous cock dish sending electric waves to my loins, hardening my muscle as I smelled your body and touched your butt…

    I fished out pink pesos into your pubes, but you left as soon as I have touched your dick head

    I sighed as you hopped into the next table, into the next gay lap, gyrating, all eyes around ready to have a piece of you..

    I handed you my business card.

    Then the Big Tryst. All 3 hours of it.

    I still savor the memory of your Arrow of Delight, and the thought still sends shivers to my meat

    There never was a second tryst as I moved to the West, suppressing my loins in Phoenix and Silicon Valley.

    5 years passed. I’m back to Manila. As I went to the john of White Bird, I saw you there checking your appearance before the mirror… You were a bit unkempt and have lost the appeal of a stallion, a bit portly, but the kind eyes, and the charm are still there..

    Our eyes glued. I wanted to talk to you, but you were gone out of the door so fast, and out of the bar, and into the dark night of broken dreams…

  3. Diba they have an exceptionally huge dongs and his brothers are sporting it too? And the youngest has the biggest one! Naloka ako! Mga kapatid, hanapin niyo dito sa blog yung pics ng mga kapatid niya at magugulat talaga kayo… Grabe, di ako makahinga!

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