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A Man’s Man

I was reading an interview on 30-year-old actor Derek Ramsay here a few days ago and man, he has an impressive story to tell. And I was thinking, here is a Man’s Man! From the web – A Man’s Man is independent. He lives his life by his own rules and doesn’t blindly follow others. He has his own moral compass and knows the difference between right and wrong. He always tries to do the right thing. A Man’s Man is cool, yet charming. Suave and debonair succinctly defines him. Mothers, daughters, and women in general adore him for his masculine charm and sometimes mysterious ways. A Man’s Man is comfortable in his surroundings. Whether he’s at work, at play, or anywhere in between. he fits right in. In his closet, you’ll find sneakers, sandals, loafers and wingtips. You’ll find T-shirts and a Tux. You’ll find a football, baseball glove, basketball, golf clubs and fishing rods. A Man’s Man is always a gentleman. He never behaves like a boor. A Man’s Man enjoys life. He always has a winning smile on his face and enjoys being a guy. Other men want to be his friend and enjoy his company. A Man’s Man is a winner. He may not be outwardly competitive, but rest assured, he has to be the best at whatever he attempts to accomplish. Whether it’s on the field, links, or at work, he’s striving to be #1. A Man’s Man is quietly confident. He’s never cocky. He’s never boastful. He has a sure sense of himself and his place in the world.
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  1. Kung susukatin sa definition ng Man’s man e si Piolie di man lang papasa patay na. Madaldal, mahilig mag press release at kumakanta ng ballad habang naka ngiwi. lol

  2. yeah man’s man, but his panot na. eheheheeh.
    parang ung officemates ko na nakikisali sa lahat ng fads, outreach programs, at kung ano ano pang sports, kung baga he’s everywhere, life of the party.
    hawig kase sila ni derek sa color and hair status. la lang, bitter lang, pero hindi rin. annoying yung ganung tao. parang kris aquino at ung mga baklang loud pero will not make you proud.

  3. hoy vakla anong duty free?bkt na sight m n b?puro ka hearsay palibhasa poor ka.wla k naman proof so pls keep ur mouth shut ok.

  4. Actually… The REASON why Derek Ramsay cannot have long hairs is that he has Kinky Hair, parang buhok ng igorot yung hairstyle nya the days before…

    I agree na si Derek Ramsay is the Ultimate Hunk, i have been eyeing on him since my high school days, jusko! Nakita ko sya sa ABS, kasi i used to work on Tantra, yung online game ng ABS… nakasabay ko lang sya sa Elevator, dyuskupow lowrd! Dami kong dala dala nun, biglang “excuse me, do you need a hand?” Paglingon ko, dyusmio, c Derek, sabi sabi ko na lang sa sarili ko eh “sige, dito sa likod ko oh punta ka” then sabay reply ng “nakakahiya naman sir” but he insisted to help, ay nako pinagtinginan ako sa 9th floor, which is the ABSI (ABS-CBN Interactive) Office. My most unforgettable moments… hayzz..

  5. ewan ko ba kung tutuusin perfect specimen tong si derek, pero hindi ko talaga matiputipuhan. wala talagang ka appeal appeal for me.

  6. vakla derek is 5’9 so ndi sya pandak.bka nga ikaw 4’9 lang.wag ka umarte ok kc im sure d k maganda at mabaho ka p.ang daming mga vaklang pintasera dito im sure pagnakita ko kyo ng personal ubod kyo ng pangit at mukhang madungis.umayos nga kyo mga vakla at intindihin nyo ung lalamunin nyo sa maghapon ndi ung kung ano anong katarantaduhan ung kinukuda nyo puro naman kyo hearsay noh.

  7. the ultimate hunk, in every sense of the word: smart, with substance, with breeding and an intact genuine personality!

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