Dick-a-Day: Lyan de Guzman

He is probably 25 years old by now. Lyan de Guzman used to be the top draw at the Club Hosto Bruno in Cubao, Quezon City. The 5’8″-tall club dancer was often mistaken as a Japanese guy, but he is a Filipino all the way. And all the way it is at the now-defunct gay bar for this chinito dancer. He also had dreams of entering showbiz then via the skin flicks, that is why probably he was convinced to posed naked for the local gay magazines of his time.

9 thoughts on “Dick-a-Day: Lyan de Guzman”

  1. HELLO GIRLS! pundit bloggers. apolitical, mean and fiesty. you are off-track. let’s not delineate from the real service of this blog – COCKS,COCKS, AND MORE COCKS.

    it’s been one helluva of a week RD – cocks are up to my gills. i’m happy!!!

  2. pwede na yan noh! huwag mag inarte! chupain ko yan kung itapat ang notes sakin… pwera na lang kung pay muna, i’d pass instead.

  3. the rubber band which he tied at the base of his cock is a give-away – that he was (and still is?) a macho dancer. i think it was at big papa or some other gaybar in pasay or timog where i saw lyan many years ago.

    i wonder why using rubber band to keep penises erect while dancing is widely practised among “macho” dancers, but it’s a big turn-off. when removed, the cock becomes limp, as the blood vessels leading to the tip are cut off.

    i’d go for untampered cocks anytime. it is always a challenge to a gay man’s playful tongue and oral calisthenics to keep dicks hardening in one’s throat, shooting off that milk of “human kindness”, and monumental.

  4. oo nga.pwede na talaga cya.ok na yan.bunos na nga yan eh.if i know mga bakla kayo kung kinakati kayo kahit sino na nga lang.pwe! wag nyo na laitin yan.dahil pwdi na cya.

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