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Freeze-frame is the new duct tape. The wonders of technology, indeed. On a balmy Friday night I stayed home and decided to get that warm fuzzy feeling watching the noirish [crime, cynical characters, sleazy settings] movies of the fantastic Mr. Morales. Of course, he had a lot of those penis shots, however fast and fleeting they were, uh, exhibited. But nothing beats freeze-frame or whatever you call it. Like this scene from Butas. Time to buy all the DVDs of this guy!
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    1. sory mga sisterettes, i hired him already sa eurotel cubao in 2013 way back nung broke sya kaya nagpabrokeback mountain din ako sa kanya.. he is big as in. i enjoyed my mouth with his glans lollipop.. i think i got this virus from him if im not mistake.

  1. wow,ang haba at taba naman pala ng titi mo marco,pano pa kaya kapag pinatigas ko yan,edi lalong lalake,magkano kaba?pa chupa naman!

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