Hot Men in the Philippines


Here’s a situation: Say, you are organizing a show with boys in it, nekkid and all. And suddenly, the boys who show up are facially challenged though not differently weighted. Or maybe they are just homely guys with nice bods – and willing to bare after all.What do you do? Maybe cover up their faces in red beaded veils, perhaps, and go on with the show? Photos above are for illustration purposes only – taken at The bar, yes That bar at 152 Aurora Blvd. cor. G. Reyes St., San Juan City, Metro Manila [near the J. Ruiz station of LRT-2], where the boys are bold, brazen and bare. And definitely, not ugly.
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  1. Nakakatawa ang post na ito, RD. Takpan talaga ang mga pez. Hehehe. Pero puwede ring tingnan bilang
    symptomatic of our desires: sometimes, we depersonalize others to fulfill our own desires.

    Kinda reminds me of Magritte’s painting Les Amantes. Yung parehong may white cloth sa face ang lovers.

  2. nice bodies.. thanks rddantes for posting that pix… hoping 2 c more of that kind of pix here… at least hnd lng puro nka brief with sumthing inside 2 enhance their dicks.. this one is real.. nka buyangyang tlda…

  3. ang ganda ng tubo ng pubic hair nung no. 4!! pinakamasarap # 1. RD can we have more?? It’s only here we can see photos like these. I dig your site! More power!

  4. hi admin just curious wat r the details of this show??i mean @ wat day they usually have this kind of shows and the ticket price?? cn u post on the details if they have a big shows such as these?? its kinda impressively good rather than those bikini open show in the metro….tnx more power to your site! -brenda marie

  5. Panalo No. 2, sa hugis ng katawan, kinis ng kutis, at katakam-takam na ari. Pinakamalaking etits na tulog ang No. 1, pero sa tingin ko, yung No. 4, kahit na urong na urong, pag tumigas, taob lahat. Malaki rin ang glans ng No. 3.

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