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On The Occasion of Aljur’s ‘Macho Dancing’

Dear Aljur, Consider this as tutorial in the art of macho dancing in Manila. While we generally appreciate your efforts to portray a male prostitute bump and grinding his way on prime time tv, we feel that your dancing and clothes and ways are not enough. Something’s not quite right, to tell you bluntly. So here’s a pictorial guide on how it is supposed to be carried out. 

You can cover your self with blue body paint. And sway with your arms, legs sideways.
Or maybe gold body paint! 

If you’re too shy, you can cover your mug with a nice mask. Take note of the smooth moves. Pop and lock.
As for the costume, you can put on some fancy headdress. Maybe a cape, too. Just remember to be sexy at all times.
Or perhaps dress up in tribal gear, e.g. feathers and synthetic animal prints.
An Egyptian pharaoh would do. Just don’t be too generous with the eye makeup.
How about French-artist-dancing? One word: beret. Of course, you’ll have to take everything off at the end of the song.
An intricate body art will be amusing. Careful with the red paint, though.

 If you’re gunning for shock factor, never ever use a chicken on stage. Blood and gore. Nasty.

 Candles will do just fine. Just not on the head. Down there.
So, you see Aljur, it’s that simple. It’s the shimmy with the step, sway and swing. Do it erotically. And till-blue-in-the-face remember, always stick your penis out because if all else fails, you have to dazzle them with dick!

Love, RD
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  1. “syempre di pwedeng gawin yan ni aljur on tv RD, alam mo naman nakabantay ang MTRCB”

    — seryoso ka teh?!? :-))

  2. Very well written, RD.

    I like the masked guy, 3rd set of photos from the top. Do you know what gaybar he’s from? HE IS SOOOO SEXY!!!! I wanna date him, or table him at least. His name is Brando, right? I saved his photo and his name Brando showed up.

    RD, please post the gaybar this Brando hunk is from. His body is so luscious, the tip of his cock shows up so teasingly. I wanna date him…..

  3. simply put…Aljur doesn’t even have “the balls” (pardon the pun!) to wear skimpy underwear for/in all forms of media exposure, in the first place. =P

  4. So kapuso ka pala talaga RD? Lately, panay itong macho dancing role ni Aljur ang binibida mo, with matching complete details pa about the airing of the show! ^^

  5. Since we are talking about macho dancers and gay bars, saan ba ang gay bar na worth it pang puntahan in terms of show quality at “value” for money (hindi taga)?

    1. Solutions in Pasay. Drinks are not as overpriced compared to the bars in QC. PLUS the quota is much higher in terms of hands-down, kahit sa liwanag, guapo na otoko. It also helps us bekis that there are more of them otokos working in the bar this season, mas ‘reachable’ sila. Haha

  6. What? There’s penis shots? Saan? Kalowka! Can’t wait to see Aljur macho dancing fullstop! The shower scene should be exciting.

  7. wow number 3 pic is great. katawan at indak pa lang panalo na, bonus na na yon nakalabas na part nya. this is how macho dancing should be, may exposure pero hindi kita lahat at swabe ang galaw ng katawan (lalakeng lalake). namnam

  8. Ofcourse naman po kaya at pwede man gawin ni aljur yun..mga nasa photo ay hindi pwede kasi TV may mga bata na nanonood…and..ibang level naman yung mga nasa photo comparing to Aljur…pero naansin ko nga yung suot nya..sana man lang medyo daring and sexy ang punasuot sa kanya…

  9. i had my fair share of trips to gay bars when i was a bit younger. pero i think it is just a waste of money kasi ang mamahal ng mga guys dun at hindi naman lahat nagpapakita. pero naabutan ko pa si denmark sa adonis pero papa retire na rin siya nun kaya ang mahal na ng kanyang fee. marami rin magaganda ang katawan sa mankind along timog din.

    pero why just fantasize them kung makakatikim ka naman? that was my motivation kaya i switched to varsity basketball guys around the metro. hahaha.

    i do exchange referals.

  10. RD, interested talaga ako mai date yung macho dancer sa 3rd set of photos…saan gaybar sya? gusto ko sya tikman…hayz, kakalibog talaga sya

  11. Nakasuot si Aljur ng tight trunks pero walang bakat.. ibig sabihin, maliit lang kanya.. kaya pala hindi nag-u-underwear eh.. #alamna

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