Rainy days forecast

Since we are seeing the end of summer with the intermittent, but very heavy, rains in the afternoons, it seems like we might just say buh-bye for now to hot and sexy guys in bikinis [and Bench-underwear-turned-swimwear-WTF!]. But don’t despair just yet, as the wet and wild guys of the rainy season will soon appear like the proverbial mushrooms-during-the-rains. Just look at the models above, in photos taken at the little bar that could, Lips Bar. That might be the fashion forecast -however tacky it is – for now.

8 thoughts on “Rainy days forecast”

  1. ang kinis nung last sa right,sayang i couldn’t see his face.ang sarap nya in fairness,very pinkish balls,yummy!!!

  2. ang una, ang sarap ng bayag… sagging..

    parang si #9 ang may itsura sa kanila. well, siya lang din kasi ang medyo claro ang mukha.

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