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“A hundred hearts would be too few
To carry all my love for you.”
– Author Unknown
Happy V Day everyone!
Anonymous guy with dick, balls and hole. 
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  1. happy valentines day mga bakla. ingat ingat din sa pag hada pag may time.baka maka date nyo si aida. hahaha. shit! fuck!

  2. yeeeyy im the first to conmment ronald m b yan??? ure so galing talaga rd!!! more pics pa … in =m a certified rddantes fan happy valentines day!!!!!

  3. Ronald doesn’t have enough money. Front lang nya na mayaman sya kuno . Yung benefactor nya ang may ari ng Fort condo where he lives.

  4. true! feelingera si Malaluan. Gusto mag showbiz pero wala naman kumukuha hahahaha. Baka sunod nyan sa Super Sireyna na sya sumali sa Eat Bulaga.

  5. true teh. mag super sireyna na lang siya! mas ok pa noh! kadiri talaga itong si Malaluan. ang taray pa sa facebook! kaloka si bakla!

  6. ang dami namang mga haters na bakla dito! teh pasalamat na lang kayo na may ganyang pic c ronald malaluan, d na tayo mag iimagine.. he is an example for all the male celebrities and actors to pose like he did for all the world to see.. 😀

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