Cinematic Dick

Everyone is still talking about model-turned-actor Nico Fowler’s occasional flashes of penis in his new movie (series) Love at the End of the World showing in the queer-cinema subscription platform Gagaoolala. While they have a Prosthetics Department in the end credits, I can just imagine this is the Canadian’s cock in clear blue salty waters. It’s a lovely sight to behold like a sea creature swimming. Tee-hee.

18 thoughts on “Cinematic Dick”

    1. Wenoh ngayon?

      Kahit totoo titi yung pinakita sa tingin mo mahahawakan o matitikman mo? Please! Isang PISOnet kanto-gay ka lang with not even a centavo to your name.

      Ni isa sa mga finefeature dito sa site ni RD papatol sayo. Ahohohohohooooooooo!!!

      Hihirit na yang PISOnet Kanto-Gay. Wait for it.

  1. Sa truth lang, Nico Loco is growing in my desire. He looks like a walking sex toy that I’d grab anytime he appears in my vision. If indeed Nico is that “gifted”, I’d love to see him doing porn stuff. He will definitely have a career on that.

    1. O sige labs, post mo naman ditwoh ang link sa video ng pag-kalembang ng shishi mwoh underwater, for reference lang. Hihihi! <3

  2. Nasa lahi ata talaga nila ang fakeness eh. Eh boobs nga ng kapatid niyang si Toni, fake rin! CHAROT! HAPPY?

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