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Dino Imperial in Volta

This just in, thanks to reader Barbarella for the photos. That’s Dino Imperial [Dino Kilates in the real world], the twinkie model who shot to fame via the PLDT MyDSL series of commercials. He is now cast in the fantasy series Volta in ABS-CBN, his home studio. Dino, who is turning 20 this year, was raised in Las Vegas but he came home for school. He is enrolled in Multimedia Arts [2nd year] at the College of Saint Benilde, according to his bio. For his role in Volta, Dino unwittingly becomes the subject of gay men’s fantasies as he dons a tight-fitting costume, bulges and all.
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  1. Dino is a likeable guy. But curiously, he does not seem to be his home studio’s idea of a heartthrob or leading man. They see him more as a character actor. Considering this, the Volta role is a strange albeit welcome assignment for him. For one, it’s work. For another, it’s a good exposure. For still another, he’s pulled out of the silly love triangle with Empress and that delicious-looking but self-absorbed Enchong.

    Btw, unlike the three guys of “Zaido,” tila may laba cara ang crotch niya, at least sa retrato sa kaliwa. Maybe ginagaya ng Kapamilya ang isang secret appeal ng Zaido sa Kapuso: three sexy guys with bulging crotches. Kelangang mapantayan ‘yan ni Dino, kundi man mahigitan.

  2. the bulge doesn’t look very real. they could have at least made it appear more realistic by reduzing the add-ons’ size. for me, it will only take one dino imperial to beat three zaidos. hehe. but i love dino too. he has those eyes that make me melt.

    demure, aagawin mo na naman ba si dino? hehehe

  3. Cool. So am I supposed to wait for a comment that “he’s gay”? hahahah (i’m kinda thinking the he sure is not.) Cute, conyo-tic.

  4. john aspen, you can have all of dino imperial hehe. he is not my type of guy – he is nice, that’s all.

    but don’t be deceived by all that bulk in his costume. that fabric he is wearing can create a “swelling” effect. maybe he is a 5-incher, and he has balls all over, but it’s aljur, his co-kapuso, i’m after.

  5. ahh aljur pa rin…

    nawala na respeto ko sa kanya after he took this role.

    May appeal sana siya sinira niya lang with this corny looking outfit eww… gross…

  6. maganda ang face niya. bumagay ang shocking pink wig… kaya lang nagmukha siyang girl… girl na may bukol! ajijiji!

  7. Actually, his clownish custume here s so qu__r, hehehe. Dis guy really reminds me of a young Albert martinez, same eyes and lips… 🙂

  8. I HAVE HIGH RESPECT FOR CLOWNS (comedians)…it is not a “piece of cake” job. you have to build creative material, project & deliver effectively and be ready for any consternation – positive or negative. i personally follow the improv scene (i never miss the Library when I am in Manila) and i give my deepest bow to the the best of their trade…NO VITAMIN E COULD WORK WONDER THAN GOOD LAUGHTER…*****

  9. Mas malaki kay aljur mas bakat siya kasi kay aljur bakat yung ulo ung kay dino parang mineral water na maliit lang at pinagkasya sa costume para mag mukhang malaki at maging agaw pansin. pwera lang maghubad at magswimming trunks na kulay puti na basa para talaga kung bakat siya or not di ba?

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