Hot Men in the Philippines

Mishmash. Candid.

Some cleaning to do. These are varied photos sent in to my email, which photos are up for deletion. Might as well share them with you guys, on a slow Saturday morning. There’s Aga Muhlach sleeping shirtless, while Christian Vasquez is half awake in his boxers.

Diether Ocampo, rarely seen on tv these days and busy with his charities, takes off his shirt in a public function, while swimmer and teen actor Enchong Dee flexes for the camera.

And then there’s Angelo Ilagan [white shorts] , turning 18 this month, who caused quite a stir recently with his sexy photos released in the web. Joross Gamboa [middle photo] is making a comeback from a showbiz lapse but has reportedly turned down a gay role in a movie recently. There’s perennial bachelor Paolo Bediones [34 years old] in a rare amateur photo.

And the naked guy in the hazy photo is Omar Principe of the male dancing group Masculados.

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  1. slackedge-yung k aga yun ba yung pelikula nya with maricel and angelica?ganda na ng body nya talaga ngayon.Good for him!Saan na nga lumalabas yung batang angelo in white boxers?anyway,sana more photos pa.thanks rd!

  2. rd, nakukuha mo ba yung email ko sayo? i sent you pictures of congee aragon. di ko alam kung sa yahoo o sa gmail ako dapat magsend

  3. OMG! These are priceless! Half the time candids say a lot more than staged images. Si Aga dati ang pinaka-asexual sa mga big stars sa Pinas but with his change of body image recently, he’s become one of the sexiest. Nakaka-el! I don’t know why a lotta people don’t like him (o baka mas vocal lang) pero I think Joross is so hot in a typical Pinoy way with a hint of mestizo. Love all these pics! Kung sino man d’yan, feel free to send me more! LOL

  4. akala ko kung anong klaseng cleaning ang gagawin seeing those thumbnails of semi-nude men. those pics do not deserve to go to the recycle bin. keep them.

    thanks again rd!

    btw, are you in any way related to dingdong? hehehe

  5. Binlow-up ko na 500 times ang picture ni Omar, and still the image shows an uncut foreskin. Photoshop ba o masyado lang malabo and lower part ni Omar? O siya lang sa buong showbiz and lalaking supot?

  6. Among the characters in this mishmash, my deepest sigh goes to Christian Vasquez. I wish to see his fully nude photo here, with his flag raised at 12 high noon this hot summer.

    By the way, I know Omar Principe’s photo is hazy, but his cock isn’t appetizing; looks like it was cut at the base, then reconnected. Lol

  7. Angelo Ilagan’s sexy fotos as paraded in Manila Gay Guy blog were sensational! This kid with his fresh but naughty demeanor elicits impure thoughts without really trying. But alas, his fotos were deleted from the posts before I could save them. Hope to see more of Angelo in this blog soon!

  8. Panalo ang mga kabuhukan ni Christian Vazquez sa akin! Isa siya sa may pinakamagandang kilikiling mabuhok sa showbiz para sa akin…Kasama rin sa listahan na yon si Papa Aga, with his bushy pits. Sayang hindi kita ang kilikili niya sa shot na ito.

    As always, much love to RD for sharing these pix!

  9. sisters, let’s have a mini forum here, about paolo bediones who was linked to a scam lately.

    do you think paolo bediones is gay?

    I think he is gay. He is still single at 34, can’t seem to maintain straight relationships.

    What do you think?

  10. Hi, Demure. Why Paolo Bediones? Just because he’s still single at 34 doesn’t necessarily mean he’s one of us. I know of guys who marry later and there’s no question about their gender. And I also know of other guys who marry in their early 20s but who turn out to be gay (maybe the marriage is for appearances only). At saka bakit naman si Paolo pa ang ia-out e ang daming mas interesting na celebrity dyan. Paolo in fact is one of the least interesting personalities in showbiz, kinda dull and flat, if you ask me. But he seems to have the support of the Kapuso management kaya hindi siya nawawalan ng show.

  11. hi anonymous. my comment was based on rd’s mishmash post that includes paolo bediones. y’know, my “discreet” circle of gay friends has been wondering for long if the likes of paolo bediones, senators mar roxas, and noynoy aquino are in fact latent gays…but you are right, being single doesn’t mean one is gay. but paolo bediones strikes me as one who can’t seem to maintain straight relationships. i also agree he is not sexy, no matter how much body hair he’s got.

    maybe we talk about romulo neri instead, and that rumored butch, the irritating and grandstanding mosquito in the senate, jamby madrigal. lol

  12. Well, Demure, Mar Roxas and Noynoy are mama’s boys so I guess that ups the ante to those who are betting they’re gay in addition to their being “wife-less” or “girlfriend-less.” Single and Mama’s boys plus, in Noynoy’s case, the only boy in a brood of girls. Don’t know about Bediones. He lives alone, that’s all I know from seeing a magazine feature of his house a long time ago.

    Siguro iniisip ng mga ito, pakialam ko sa inyo, magsasawa rin kayo nang kahuhula. Di ba for a long time, they were wondering about Eric Q and Rustom P? Now, napagod na lahat at tumigil na rin sa kachi-chismis, lalo na nang magladlad si Rustom.

    Pero please naman, don’t say bad words, or bad names, like Romulo Neri na walang bayag. Sana straight siya para hindi karagdagang bad character sa gay community. And that matapobre at ipokritang Tivoli! Despicable characters these two, a disgrace to whatever their real genders.

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