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Why wasn’t Enchong at the 2007 SEA Games?

Enchong Dee was conspicuously absent at the 2007 Southeast Asian Games, as member of the Philippine Swimming Team. The cute teenager, who once made waves as a fabled member of the swim team of the country, is now busy with his showbiz and modeling commitments. And, it seems Enchong has put more favor for the tv and commercial shows of ABS-CBN rather than training arduously eight hours a day for the swimming competitions.
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  1. la kasing pera dun o kung meron man very minimal…kaya mag-artista na lang at mag commercial sya…dun ang big money!!!!

  2. Great body, the quintessence of male beauty. Poets could create odes and rhapsodies to Enchong’s body. It is the result of youth and natural “exercise,” better-looking, for me anyway, than hours in the gym. The face is handsome, though not really among the most handsome in local showbiz. He’s marvelous to look at. Huwag na lang sanang magsalita dahil medyo bulol si Pare ko. And yes, sayang at pinili niya ang showbiz sa prospect of international celebrity through the sport of swimming. Kasi naman wala kang kikitain sa paglalangoy. Swerte talaga ni Keren P, kahit na sabihin pang medyo tumaba ngayon ang ward na si Enchong.

  3. he was… he was in the finals.. lane 1… the event of which was won by a filipino.. di lang recognizable kasi hindi enchong dee but his real name ang gamit. last placer.. pero at least he reached the finals.. di kio lang alam kung may preliminary qualifying heats

  4. ENCHONG WAS THE WEAKEST LINK of the finals. this could be the finishing nail on his swimming ambition and olympic dream. i hope they make a remake of DYESEBEL, he will make a goodlooking mermaid OR a lifeguard in boracay…HELP! HELP! I’M DROWNING! *****

  5. Sabi ni Anonymous (December 16, 2007 8:39 PM), “Showbiz corrupts. Hasn’t contributed anything worthwhile to our culture, nation and history.” It’s a sweeping statement. National Artist Atang dela Rama was part of showbiz. So were Manuel Conde, Lamberto Avellana, Lino Brocka, Ishmael Bernal, Mike de Leon and Eddie Romero, most of them National Artists and intellectuals as well. Cinema is part of Philippine showbiz, which has produced Fernando Poe Jr., Gloria Romero, Rosa Rosal, Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos, Dolphy, and maybe a hundred other “greats.” And who was it who said that Mother Lily is the de facto Secretary of Education and Culture? Sorry, buster, that statement comes from people who are either clueless about the contribution of local entertainers to Philippine culture,nation, and history, or they want to get in desperately but cannot fit in, unfortunately. In the case of Enchong, why, are we sure that he has been corrupted by showbiz? Just because he is the Galatea of some showbiz supernumerary doesn’t mean that something foul is going on.

  6. Actually according sa interview niya in the dlsu newspaper.. titigil na ata siya mag swim.. Parang he wants to focus more in showbiz and studies…

  7. he was there. ernest “enchong” dee was part of the philippine team. he was the only one who didn’t clinch a title, though. i think everybody else did, 4 of whom got gold if i’m not mistaken.

  8. well, halatang halata na bading siya…… theres no denying on that part… halata naman, kahit sa pag arte niya.. mana kasi sa kuya…

  9. there was no mention of enchong in the recent games. it was swimmer miguel molina who stood out and was eventually declared MVP of the sea games.

  10. MY HEART GOES TO ENCHONG THIS CHRISTMAS…the SEA games must have been a big, big disaappointment for him, either as a game loser or non-qualifier. of course the SEAG is the prelude to the grandaddy of them all, the 08 Beijing Olympics, which will be the icing on his athletic career, to be able to say, “I was part of it for my country.” Anyway, Ench, pick up the pieces, move on, there are many more laps left for you to do in this big body of water fish calls – LIFE. *****

    PS, hair or no hair you look great.

  11. hmm..about the gay part, i saw him at school last term and we kinda locked eyes for some few seconds. the way he walks will really make you think.

    but yeah, showbiz corrupts. just look at Onyok Velasco. if he didn’t get into showbiz, we would’ve won our first Olympic gold medal at the 2000 Australian Olympics

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