Hot Men in the Philippines

Enrico Mofar, dance instructor.

Twenty-eight year-old Enrico Mofar is a professional dance instructor, who has already competed in international dance events. A native of Butuan City, Enrico stands 5’7″ and weighs 160 lbs. He went to the Agusan Institute of Technology for his Associate in Marine Transportation degree. Aside from being a dance instructor, he is also one of the newer members of the sexy male group, Masculados [I’m not so sure if the group is still that active]. He is looking forward to owning a fine dining restaurant someday.
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  1. Dalawang klase ang masculado: isa, ‘yung muscled and lean tulad ng karamihan sa models; at yung isa nama’y mataba, tulad ni Carlos Morales, Carlo Maceda, at Enrico Mofar.

  2. I prefer the second type. Yung chunky o mataba. Super sarap sa akin yung tipo ni Carlo Maceda, ganyan. Parang makatas, e. Hihihi

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