Hot Men in the Philippines

Love ’em fresh!

“Burlington Industries Philippines Inc. recently launched its new product line for Biofresh Brand. Introducing! Biofresh Underwear Love em’ Fresh briefs and undershirt now available in the market specializes on the killing of microbes in contact on the surface of the cloth. ” So goes the pr for the brand. And the image model for the underwear line is 24-year-old Manila-based Ilonggo model Francis Quito Treñas. The 5’9″-tall chinito has been modeling for some time now in Manila, having done ads for tv and print commercials. He is under the Victor Rio Modeling Agency.
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  1. I think Ive seen this guy in the gym. He looks like hes one of us. Medyo malilikot ang mga mata.

  2. baklang bakal ito
    ilang beses ko na syang nakita-an ng burat dito sa amin. palaging dinidisplay ang burat kung mag CR
    ang liit-liit talaga
    very effem ito

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