Mikee and Fred

The bright lights lured these good boys from good schools into showbusiness. Nineteen-year-old Mikee Vincent Lee [left] and 20-year-old Fred Payawan were first discovered in ABS-CBN’s Big Brother-Teen Edition in the summer of 2006.  At that time, the boys were still in High School –  Mikee at the Ateneo and Fred at the Colegio San Agustin in Makati City.  Although Mikee was the resident nerd, Fred was the hunky one inside the Big Brother house. Now, the boys are in TV5’s 3rd season of Lipgloss, a teen drama series that airs every Saturday at 6 p.m.   Catch the season premiere on 14 February 2009 on TV5.

17 thoughts on “Mikee and Fred”

  1. Fred is sexy, and Mikee has gotten cuter since PBB.

    Thank you so much for posting these pictures, I guess they are promo shots from Lipgloss? (like Carlo’s?)

  2. Nakita ko dati ang webcam video ni Fred sa pinoywatching.com. Mukha namang authentic. Bata pa siya doon, baka before pa he joined PBB.

    Verdict: dyutay, pero hindi naman pinakita na erect. Baka pag erect malaki naman yon. (wishful)

    Anyway, sexy pa rin body niya. He was one of the reasons kung bakit tinutukan ko ang PBB dati. 🙂

  3. View sari-saristories.blogspot.com guys. Now I’m in love with Julian and Doug K. They look so yummy talaga.

    And as for sa dalawang itetch, yummy din kayo.

    Thanks RD!

  4. i fantasies FRED all the night……..he is so georgeous and very sexy now..even PBB teen edition days may body figure na siya………he’s hoooooooooooooottttttttttt!

  5. hands down, i love fred payawan. his defined twink body makes me drool.

    but if there is one thing i like with mikee, it’s the treasure trail!

  6. wow! cute cute cute boys! Mikee Lee may have gained some weight, but is still a cutie! love the fact that this chinese boy has some nipple hair and that “karug” down there!

    thanks for sharing these pictures!

  7. fred, ang younger version ni gardo versoza. stay yummy and clean, wag sumabak sa mga cheap gay indie films ha, yung matitino lang. im sure kasi, maraming gay indie producers na maaakit sa yo…

  8. Oh, no! I just learned that Crisaldo Pablo, the infamous director of thrashy gay movies, also directs this show “Lipgloss”.

    Patay na! Dapat mag-ingat ang mga cute teens of the show (Mikey, Rodjun, Carlo, Fred, Ejay, etc.) sa cheapipay na direk na ito!

    Kaya pala even Mikey who has a very wholesome image ay kinuhanan ng topless photos! Let us save our teen stars from this seemingly sex-craved director.

  9. Yes of course all of them are cute, me i’m also willing to pay £10,000 if they want to accompany me in SAUNA……MAGBATISAN AT MAGKULA…..sa CHARIOT or Pleasuredrome…..

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