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Yuletide Boy 2: Gelo Guevarra

This season, he is letting his balls and trimmings hang out. Twenty-year-old Gelo Guevarra is from Nueva Ecija and a part-time model. The 5’9″-tall hunk has modeled for Bobson, Bizaare, Ragnarok and Intous 10. He has also won a few contests, such as the Man of the Year title at Market Place and the Mr. Hot Bodies in Malabon.
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  1. Wow, this is what I would call a god-like, Adonis body. Nice, round butt, too. I only wish they removed the Christmas decor to show more of his muscles. If he’s a bit shy about really letting it all hang out, and I don’t mean the Christmas tree balls, he could have just put on a fig leaf just like in many statues including the UP Oblation. Michelangelo’s Statue of David didn’t even have a fig leaf, and it reminded me of Gelo’s physique. Only the hair is kinda “off,” parang ’70s. Otherwise, I would love to be served, to crush, lick, savor in my tongue, and eat whole this piece of jello. Rather… Gelo. Whichever.

  2. maganda ang body…maganda nga ang pwit…ngunit…subalit…parang may kamot??????? hehehehehe!!!!pero…masarap syang papakin!!!!!!

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