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Enchong or Gerald?

Let’s do the choices thing again. If you were to select your boy for the rest of your Boracay Island stay [3 days, 2 nights, economy fan room but with free breakfast], and the options are – Enchong Dee and Gerald Anderson, who would it be and why?  Now, this is a tough one, if you ask me.  I prefer the Filipino-Chinese kid. And the Filipino-American cutie, too.   I can’t seem to make an absolute choice. Who is your bet?
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  1. Enchong, kasi baka deadmahin ako ni Gerald habang natutulog kami at nangangatog sa lamig sa Boracay sa gabi. Feeling ko hahagkan ako ni Enchong para uminit ang gabi namain more compared to Gerald (Kainis!).

  2. ay naku gusto ko silang 2 pero ayoko mangarap ng gising… tulog na lang ako…. ay sori hindi ako makatulog may insomnia ako… good luck na lang sa career nila… kuntento na ako sa boytoy ko..hahahaha

  3. This is a no-brainer – definitely the exotic Enchong!

    Gerald’s aura does not have an international appeal although locals would choose him apparently for his mestizo look which does not have any relevance outside the Philippines.

  4. Lagi kong pinagpapantasyahan ang nota ng Gerald na ito. Sobrang kakainlove, or the right word, sobrang nakakalibog.

  5. Lagi kong pinagpapantasyahan ang nota ng Gerald na ito. Sobrang kakainlove, or the right word, sobrang nakakalibog.

  6. RD, is this a trick question?

    Obviously, everybody should go for Enchong para ma-solo ko si Gerald! Why would I settle for a sushi if I could gobble a footlong? Come on. Think about it!!

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  8. I’ll take Enchong. He’s a swimmer so he’s got the nice smooth, sexy build. Plus he’s got alot of stamina for all-night fun. And he can hold his breath for a long time ;)He looks versatile so after rounds of mutual s*cking, we can take turns pounding each other. Yumyum.

  9. both are cutie. shempre, both are product of ABS! ehem! but if i were to chose, enchong got more animalistic appeal with his swimmer bod, san ka pa?!

  10. i’ll gor for enchong. mukang mas expert at mas naughty. hihihi

    but they are both cute, i don’t mind having them both.

  11. Enchong.
    Este Gerald.
    Hmmmm. Teka. Enchong.
    Ay Gerald na lang.
    Pero si Enchong, hmmmp, ah eh si Gerald kasi ano…
    Putsa ang hirap ng tanong. Para kong kukuha ng final exams.
    O cge, ang sagot ko ay Enchong…Gerald…Shit, I came!

  12. Mukhang bading ang itsura ni Enchong no. Samantalang lalaking lalaki at napakasarap ni Gerald. Sana naman may magpost ng hubot hubad na katawan ni Gerald na tirik na tirik ang burat.

  13. napakapogi ni gerald, grabe. sana nga nagpapahada sa bading ito para mapagpantasyahan… sana maraming kasimpogi ni gerald sa ating mga pinoys.

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