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Here comes Alfred Valdez!

At the Ginoong Pilipinas-Metro Manila serach held recently, one contestant came from nowhere to grab one of the major titles. Alfred Valdez, a 21-year-old native of Santa Cruz, Laguna and currently a Pasay City resident, was adjudged as the Ginoong Pilipinas-Tourism in the contest. The 5’9″-tall part-time model and theater actor will soon compete in the national finals in May.
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  1. rd, do you have recent pics of rey talosig of showboys? and do you know where his group performs aside from sop? with his long hair, chinito eyes, lean muscled body, he’s certified eye candy! if you have pics of him in white thongs, the better hehe. too bad the camera seldom pans on his entire body when he grinds every sunday in sop hehe

  2. OH MY GOD! that backdrop is what i have been experiencing here at a beach resort south of Manila. SUN, has been very demure, SEA very rough, true to its macho-istic character and SEX, that’s never a problem with my pinoy lovers (sir, label me bi-sexual please and by the way i need a new cellphone). YES VIRGINIA, BOILED RICE AND FISH could be addictive at times…..*****

  3. To Anonymous (February 21, 2008 7:54 AM). am glad to know you are into a “cock binge”, pinoy style hehehe…keep on splurging on rice and fish, my dear, as these can give you the love handles! now, have you finally bagged that waiter from “O” bar? share naman!

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