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That’s nudist Harold Montano again, reveling under the naked sun. I’m wondering whatever happened to his exploitation case with GMA 7? He [and his cohort, the other naked guy] did not gain fame or even notoriety from that gambol, one thing’s for sure. I don’t see him in the indie-digital flicks being produced these days. Not even in the runways of bikinidom, sleaze and all. Nevertheless, let’s just hope [assuming there are people out there who terribly relish this guy] that his daring posturing will eventually make him famous, however fleeting.
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  1. Hay Naku! kawawa naman itong si Mr. Montano na ito walng nag co-comment sa kanya…ako na lang… agnito wala lang..ang liit walang dating!

  2. i like this guy. i’ll take him shopping at the mall if he wants to procure more pins, rings, or whatever he wants to put into his cute body. definitely on the ‘A’ list of my little black book of prospects for my next balikbayan. how about some poppers while we are in the store, ha?

  3. this guy is an exhibitionist and narcissist. i have seen him perform with his snake and what can i say? he should belong to a seedy gaybar!

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