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Win Dick Win

Will he win tonight? Will someone pull off an upset? Will someone pull out a big surprise? Too many questions. Too many sexy guys. Catch the grand finals tonight of summer’s last shout-out to cocky boys and teensy-weensy bikinis – Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 5 at the Metro Bar along West Avenue in Quezon City.
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  1. @froglita. salamat sa link. lalo kong SuperLike si RP. nagwaterwater talaga ako, at may i save ko talaga nag site na to ni ms melanie

  2. bkit parang di sya gwapo s pic nya dito
    mukhang na upgrade lng looks nya dahil maganda ktawan nya
    tama b ako

  3. Anonymous said…
    bkit parang di n sya gwapo dito
    mukhang na upgrade lng looks nya dahil s maganda nyang ktawan
    tama b ako

    it’s the horrible makeup
    may imperfection siya talaga
    nobody’s perfect
    pero i think that makes him more endearing
    plus the bonus of a great body
    don’t you think so too?

  4. Wow candid Richard! I like him na din. Si RD anglakas magpasikat ng bikini boy! kilalang kilala na tuloy si Richard.. hahaha

  5. Wow candid Richard! I like him na din. Si RD anglakas magpasikat ng bikini boy! kilalang kilala na tuloy si Richard.. hahaha

  6. I wonder what would happen to him after this contest. Kukunin kaya sya ng madaming designers para magmodel? Magiging A-list kaya sya?

  7. kung pakyutan lang naan ang labanan e mas bet ko yung jojo napecina pero ewan iba talaga sex appeal nitong si rp!

    ang hirap mamili!

    pero brent javier padin!

  8. went to metro bar last night
    arrived before 10
    the program started at 11
    left at 130 a.m.
    by that time, nangunguna na si RP with about 6 sponsors’ awards including darling of the press
    si jojo nepacina got around three including mr photogenic
    si carlo lopez got 3 or 4, but i don’t remember if he got an impt prize
    pero si no. 8 (sorry missed his name) won best swimsuit
    by the time, i left kumakanta na ang masculados dos
    they were going to name the top 7 after that
    tapos may Q&A pa
    hindi na kinaya ng powers ko to stay any longer
    baka matapos ng 4 a.m. and i still have work in the morning
    if i stayed any longer, i will be all alone kasi nag-uwian na ang lahat ng kasama ko
    i was sitting at the production table at the left side of the stage
    standing right in front of me all of the time was jojo nepacina
    in fairness, delicious siya in a moreno way kung si RP is delicious in a chinito way
    i’m sure RP got in the top 7 and would have bagged the title
    i was hoping I would meet RP and congratulate him after the show
    it was not to be
    kung may friends diyan si RP who are reading this
    tell him Froglita wishes him well in his future career
    and it’s good na nakinig siya sa suggestion ko during the pre-pageant to smile a bit more
    kahit na he still keeps on looking down on the floor and always walks in a hurry
    big improvement na yung smile
    next time ms. melanie, mag-effort na tayo to watch the show together
    ako na ang magbabayad ng ticket mo
    at least meron akong partner in crime

  9. Salamat sa play by play, Froglita. (( : I’ve never been to one of these male bikini contests. Ganun pala kahaba ang mga shows?

  10. sorry po at nahapahaba ang comment
    pasensya na po kayo at
    FROG lang po
    thanks rd for your patience
    matutulog na muna ako
    at papangarapin kong muli
    si RP

  11. 07302

    it was my first time too
    i knew it didn’t start on time
    i didn’t know it lasted forever
    parang mga beau con sa province
    na madaling araw na saka ia-announce ang winner

  12. Mejo hawig ni Papa Rey Guevarra na dating Letran Knight at ngayon member na ng Smart Gilas. pabook din kaya toh?

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