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Himas means the “gentle rubbing of the skin by the palm of the hand.” Such suggestive word is the title of Maichel Fideles‘s new indie movie. And this one came in the mail today: Private screenings of the indie film Himas will be held on February 16 and 17 [Saturday and Sunday] somewhere in Quezon City.  Himas features Maichel Fideles, Jordan Jose, Dax Alvarez, Chiokla and Adriana Gomez.  For ticket reservations, please call or text 0917 384.4555.
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  1. Thanks RD he is my all time favorite you featured here, please can we have more of him? This photo is awesome!!!

  2. ngek, sino naman ang may sabi gusto namin hingin sa iyo ang number nya, at least ako, di ko type sumuso ng duwende noh, hello, sa panahon ngayon , basta me anda ang beki, kahit sinong guwapo me katapat na presyo, feelingera na bakla, eh minimum wage lang ang sahod mo, pano ko nalaman, eh nahada mo na sya na unknown , which means mura lang sya, yun lang

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