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“Mukhang Callboy”

Model only: J-Van Roque

There is an ongoing word war among readers somewhere between the photos of Justin, Johnron and Harry of the Provoq Men. It all started with one comment, which recklessly described [or, characterized] one of the Provoq guys as having the mark of a rentboy, “mukhang callboy.” Of course, it is an atrocity to have your object of fantasy labeled as a male prostitute. And so, catty remarks flew off. But what really is a mukhang callboy? There must be some generic description of the Filipino male whore because I hear it too much. Is he dark and burly? Mestizo and lean? Does he love wearing Bench briefs and Aficionado cologne on special occasions? Is he the one with the Warren white tank top over the fit Rough Rider jeans? The boy with slobs of Michael gel on his spiky and colored hair? I would like to think it is some cognate look – junky and sleazy. But then again, I may be mistaken. As our friend demure recently commented: “Callboyish is an ill-used term to define a certain look. It’s a form of stereotyping. It’s subjective: one may be “callboyish” to one but may not be so to another.”
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  1. it’s an impression based on two factors.

    the first is class. nobody mistakes an affluent(-looking) person for a callboy. but a guy who “smells” poor, middle-class, nouveau rich, social climber, desperate for money, or rich-only-through-suspicious-means may be called one.

    the second is sexual awareness, for lack of better term. it’s porma, not really based on a paricular style, but the mere act of pagpoporma. a callboy exudes an outward sexual mating energy, someone who wants to be noticed and/or desired.

    combine the two, and that’s what “mukhang callboy” generally is, regardless of whether or not the guy actually is.

    of course there’s a third stronger factor, and that’s personal experience. we tend to create an image in our head of what a callboy looks like based on our experiences with them, whether first-hand or virtual, as in stories from others or representation in media. so your idea of a callboy may be different from mine. a farmhand? a socialite escort? a street thug? a pretty schoolboy?

    if you ask me though, there’s no such thing as a single callboy look. anyone can be a callboy.

  2. Demure hit the nail right on the head when he said, “Callboyish is an ill-used term to define a certain look. It’s a form of stereotyping. It’s subjective: one may be “callboyish” to one but may not be so to another.” For as another anonymous reader here said — to paraphrase — a gorgeous, refined, well-groomed and seemingly well-educated gentleman may turn out to be a call boy. And a cute bagets from the slum may feel it violates his principles if he agrees to have sex with another person for money. So, to use a cliche, let’s not judge a book by its cover.

  3. Palagay ko, ang sinasabi nilang “mukhang call boy” ay ang mga lalakeng may sex appeal pero mukhang cheap. Hindi naman kailangang call boy sila para sabihing “mukhang call boy.” Kung cheap at bulgar sila, well, yon na yun.

  4. So why this pic? Because he doesn’t look callboyish to me. For me a callboyish look would be… someone who looks awkward (meaning, parang kulang sa paligo or kulang sa kiskis ng libag) pero may itsura. Or someone who thinks he looks good in his outfit pero di naman. May spiky hair na ginamitan ng gel na parang wet look which I don’t like. Gel is not my cup of tea. Try Hair wax!

  5. hay naku, for me “callboyish” basta ang mga porma at galaw ay may iisang objective: ang pagpantasyahan at pagnasaan ng mga badet at matronas! kaya yang Viva Hot Men, Masculados, Men of Provoq… LAHAT SILA CALLBOYISH! pwede vah, kebs kung marunong umarte ang isa, or magaling kumanta ang isa. The mere fact na these male groups are made to arouse our fantasies, matatawag talaga silang callboyish!

    inag usapan na siguro kung ang topicc ay sino pinaka callboyish sa kanila 😉

  6. korak kayo mga sisterettes: “callboy-ish” is a term that is usually reserved for someone who is of meager means, who is in his attempt to catch attention by dressing himself up ends being an object of ridicule kaso kapos sa interpretasyon at ilusyon natin kung ano ang hitsura ng sosyal at mabango at kahabolhabol na otoko, chuvaness. mimistulang gumamela o santan na umuusbong sa tabi-tabi kaya hindi gaanong pinahahalagahan puera na lang kung talagang hinihingi ng pagkakataon 😉 darn, life aint fair.

  7. Mukhan Callboy kapag:
    1.Naka-gel ang buhok and/or bi colored na ang hair(eg: Itim na ang roots at platinum blonde ang tips),kasi hindi kayang i-maintain ang pagpapa-salon.
    2. Mahilig lumabas ng naka-sando lang.
    3. Wearing knock-off’s of designer clothes na mukha namang cheap bangkok bought goods.
    4. Mahilig mag-body fit na t-shirt with his baggy jeans.

  8. the guy in the pix is a former gaybar model… o di ba, model ang term ko instead of macho dancer kasi mas gusto nilang tawagin silang model, e di ibigay ang respeto!!! etchos!!

  9. WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY THAT HASN’T BEEN MENTIONED. how highly opinionated (bitter or sweet) are the patrons of this blog. congrats to all. you all provided a good insight, angular views of the filipino sub-culture mind. it was fun reading tho. until a new subject props and this post slips into infamy, this subject will be remembered as to having incited W.W.IV, the same as G.W.Bush be remembered of Iraq. NOW IF WE COULD MOVE ALONG PLEASE…i want to see some stiff pinoy dicks.

  10. At the end it boils down to one simple word “MONEY”. there is a saying that money emits such a venemous smell. the giver and the needy finds the connection with this smell. the 6th sense works its magic when the prowl and the prowler criss-cross each other’s way. it is no trite stereotyping but simple body chemistry and mind work.

  11. in fairness kay papa jovan, flawless nota nya pero hindi kalakihan, i remember, pwede mo tung ma private show 2thou tatlong oras at d pwedeng e sXX. iba din talent fee pag sxx na. sana i upload ni rrdantes yung nude pic nyang naka bukaka.sarap noon.

  12. how about that monsieur dantes. can we challenge you to post jovan’s alleged spread eagle naked foto. early christmas gift na ito or in keeping with today’s traditional lighting of the season’s tree at cubao to jump start the shopping brouhaha. by the way, what gay bar is jovan working? eager beaver minds want to know, please. MERCI BEAUCOUP.

  13. natatawa ako. yung classic na naka-sando, naka-gel ang buhok, mody-fit sleeveless shirt.. ang movie industry ang nagpauso ng ganun. in reality, ang mga callboys hindi naman ganun.

    ang taray ng comments ni maple, french! i agree with maple, dapat marami pang dick-a-days.

  14. anuverrr… hinanap ko pa kung saan nangyari ang okrayan… grabeh, ang chichipangga ng iba nating sisters dito huh! mahiya nga kayo sa mga kiki nyo! pagdebatehan vah ang Provoq men?! Wala na ba kayong mas makabuluhang magagawa sa mga buhay niyo? haller!!!

    Agree ako sa isang comment: the mere fact na PROVOQ men sila, na hubad ng hubad para ma-elya ang mga bading at matrona, lahat sila CALLBOYISH ok?

    hindi dapat pinagdedeBATEHAN ang mga yan. pinagbaBATEHAN lang! CHOZ!

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