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Jaime Garchitorena returns

Polished with patrician-boy-next-door looks, Jaime Garchitorena was one of the ultimate 80’s matinee idols as he sang his way to fame via the hit CloseUp toothpaste song “Just A Smile Away.” He was in most Viva Films movies, mostly teenybopper and Andrew E-comedies [watch his video singing, all so suave and cool]. Currently, Jaime Garchitorena is featured in the latest issue of MetroHim magazine, and it turns out, he is now running an IT company and RockEd Philippines. The latter is a movement with the object of “fighting extreme poverty in the country while using music and the arts as vehicles to get the message across.” To do this, “local rock stars and actors are invited to deliver the message via small concerts held in students’ classrooms.” Photo above was taken a decade ago for a movie promo, and Jaime Garchitorena still has the same form today.
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  1. SORRY JAMES, I AM SO CONFUSED. what is fighting E-X-T-R-E-M-E poverty with music(k) and arts? is he an angel or miracle worker? more input please…gosh, if he does that, he got my vote for president in 2010.

    an angel with greasy hair, so WAY COOL *****

  2. he doesn’t really make me wonder if he can run an IT firm and do RockEd considering he is garchitorena. does he still have that annoying nasal voice when speaking? isn’t he gay?

  3. basta, bakit kailangan mapunta ang usapan to whether he is gay or straight??? Lahat na lang ba ng matinong lalake dapat maging bakla? LOL.

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