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Actor-model-exhibitionist Jake Cuenca loves himself. Proof positive is this image, which came out recently in the papers. A bit homoerotic. Like identical twins on the edge of something, uh, rapturous. One of the top actors of ABS-CBN, Mr. Cuenca is one of the most daring actors of his era. What more can he show?
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  1. ano kayang special talent nito at love na love ni deo?

    ano kayang ginawa nila sa HK dati? namasyal at namili ng milk tea? hahaha

  2. never fantasized on him — he looks cheap to me compared to some of the other straight actors, e.g., dennis t, etc.

  3. so what do you know and what proof do you have, beyond hearsays, about dennis that will prove that he isn’t straight.

  4. I saw this one in the papers. Sobrang hot ng body, mahilig mag tease. But Jakey is a chain smoker? Baho cguro ng hininga nito pero sobrang gwapo as in!

  5. i dont find the photo erotic. i think it’s very tasteful. parang art yung dating sa akin. it would have been better if it was painted.

  6. wag pag usapan ang mga lao. focus lang dito kay jake… laos sa 7, sumikat sa 2, courtesy of deo endrinal…mangisay kayo sa inggit.. game and hot si jake..

  7. puro gaya na lang…this concept is done recently by actor James Franco….wherein James is kissing himself on the mirror…..

  8. so boring….so baklita. Sa ganda ng pagakaka liner at colorete ng lips nito nagtataka ako bakit di pa siya kinukuha ng Ever Bilena.

  9. Soooo corny and unoriginal… much less, I don’t see any art in it! This is just another cheap publicity stunt to up his plummiting career. In other words, “fafancine prieto”. yun lang!

  10. Sa Google pag tinayp mo si jake cuenca may guides na “jake cuenca bad breath” “jake cuenca halitosis” hahahaha ang sama na ng rep nya …

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