Hot Men in the Philippines

Dear Jake

I just had to put up this photo. It’s too good not to share. After you put your hands inside your briefs at the Bench Fever show last year, I never thought you’d do it again. Remember at the Be Bench Grand Finals when you suddenly squeezed your ballocks, revealing tufts of hair, here and there? Araneta Coliseum went up in a roar, you nearly reworked the meaning of “bringing the house down.” The last time I saw one doing that was six years ago, in some dingy bar in Timog Ave., when the macho dancer had to choke his monkey as he was losing his stiffy. That’s because he had 8 minutes left running on Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back To Me Now [Extended Version]. But you, Jake, you were such a tease. And I’m not complaining.
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  1. wow, i learned something new today. i thought that bollocks is spelled that way not knowing that ballocks is also acceptable. you are such one witty writer/blogger rd! and what i’ve written here is ballocks! joke!

  2. jake seems to be clutching at a li’l birdie. rd, d’ya have pic of that sexy devil andrew wolfe at be bench, this time frontal? i know you displayed his posterior at many angles. but i prefer a frontal shot showing his dumbbells.

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