Janvier Daily admits

Janvier Daily finally fesses up, on record, that he really is the one in the nude photo that is circulating in the worldwide web. In an amusing conversation between him and his director in his latest movie Roxxxane, as blogged by the director, Janvier conceded that the photo was really of him, sleeping. When asked who took the picture, he revealed that it was his former roommate, not his girlfriend as previously suspected. Just read the entire conversation in the director’s blog, as it is a guaranteed knee-slapper.

14 thoughts on “Janvier Daily admits”

  1. natutulog sya ng nakahubad in front of his room mate? I guess lalaki ang room mate dahil kung girl maghuhubad ba sya matulog… but still, ilang guys ba ang matutulog ng nakahubad kung andun ang room mate? at ng tigas ng nota nya sa pic? kung hindi itich scripted or sinadya, may naaamoy akong kabaklaan involved. ahihihi

  2. The admission does not necessarily kill all speculation that it was a posed shot. With a dick like that in the picture, what guy would deny authenticity. Hindi naman issue yung kung ganon nga kalake etits nya. That he so readily admitted it, in fact, only strengthens the suspicion that, hmmm, medyo ini-stimulate muna nang konti para mas impressive, di ba?

  3. migs of manilagayguy says he knows “for a fact that Janvier frequently sleeps in the buff.” swerte naman niya he knows janvier that well. ahehehe.

  4. posed and cheap publicity… actually he is not hot… bloated body… i guess some people like his african skin and features….can’t act…no personality.

  5. hmmm…does MGG know Janvier that closely or somebody is not being truthful. Janvier said that his housemate took off his shorts while he was asleep, so he doesn’t sleep naked. i guess some people like to cling to celebrities, even very minor celebrity with no talent like Janvier.

  6. Puro kachenesan naman yang MGG eh. That site is waaaaaay over rated if you ask me. puro walang kwenta ang mga post, either pics na bitin, or mga post na “pa-intelligent”, eh parang sinulat naman ng grade 4 student. ewan ko vah kung bat ang daming visits, napakaraming gay blogs naman na mas worth it. More daring pics, and really intelligent musings.

  7. talking about MGG, yeah youre right christop, masyadong pa effect and drama ng blog…wala naman gustong tumbukin kung ano talaga…and yet dinedeclare nya na sya ang number one…self declaration baga…at ang entries ha, lahat ang blogger ang bida?..comm,ent to death naman mga friends nya….

  8. that MGG guy is kind of sad. he doesn’t even know he is just being used. i mean, what would a young hetero guy (looking for publicity) want with an aging gay man. i think we all know the answer to that.

  9. why are your talking about the pretentious mgg blog? let’s tak about janvier. “impernes” dakoers naman yung notabelles na ginamit kung di man kanya yon no? eh kasi ba’t don sa roxxane wah man lang bumakat nung kinukunan siya sa cellphone? parang juts. basta kung kanino mang notabelles yon, don na lang tayo! di ba day?

  10. Janvier’s dick is really big! =d he’s half-Italian, tsaka a friend of mine here in Baguio had sex with him already, hindi pa siya sikat nun.

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