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Do you think JC de Vera still has a chance at stardom? That kind of pop stardom with screaming fans, countless movies, endless tv shows and commercial appearances? Or maybe he’ll just, uh, waste away in TV5 which will soon replace him with bigger actors from other stations.
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  1. wrong move ang transfer nya sa tv5. iba pa rin ang abs-cbn at gma7. stop dreaming, he will never be a star of top caliber.

  2. noon nasa gma 7 siya may potential siya at fresh na fresh but now hindi na siya fresh! Bakit kaya? Pabooking kaya din ito?how much? only time will tell kung when siya papalitan ng iba actors from other networks.

  3. Yan ang classic example ng KARMA! The Kapuso network took good care of JC de Vera,giving him projects left and right, from afternoon teleseryes to primetime soaps, and even made him their Prince of Soaps. Unfortunately, He sided with his manager Annabelle Rama, and not with the bosses of GMA.In other words, wala siyang utang na loob sa network na nag build up sa kanya. Lumipat siya sa TV5..and the rest is history. Ayan tuloy, LAOS na siya. At wala nang ingay sa career niya! May mga projects nga siya sa TV5, pero wala namang impact at all sa career niya. Tama lang ang sinapit niya, kasi ang hindi marunong tumanaw ng utang na loob, never na magkakamit ng gantimpala. So sorry for you JC!

  4. Oo, may screaming fans yung iba, but do they have any worth or talent?

    JC has the looks and the talent and steady work. Who cares if he’s on the “big 2” networks. Mas okay nga sa TV5, he won’t get raped by a network executive.

  5. wala ng pag-asa. nag peak na sya. hanggang jan na lang sya at maraming salamat po. korek ang marami, sobra kasi syang loyal kay Madame Annabelle Rama. Wala naman napasikat sa true lang ang Madame. Sa mga big time DOMs at DOGs marami syang napasikat!

  6. I think he hangs out with the crowd (RNP) that are into sex, DRUGS and rock’n’roll kaya mukha syang haggard na.

    tsk, tsk. sayang ang lakas pa naman ng dating nya.

  7. Tinuturukan ito dati ni Rey Paramaran kaya ayun, had his steroid body shot for Men’s Health cover. Di rin nasustain kaya bumagsak ang katawan. Nagka-affair rin ba sila? Ang sabi, ganito raw nangyari…

  8. alaga ni rey pamaran together with the mercator models. rey pamaran would get off at the sight of the models’ abs or sometimes he touches them habang nagjajakol para labasan siya. in return, the models would get free trips, inclusive of pocket money and accommodations tsaka free turok ng human growth hormones para defined ang muscles. hay nako tong si rey pamaran di na nagbago. at si jc wala nang patutunguhan ang career. i pity the young lad.

  9. wrong move talaga ang paglipat niya sa tv5. ang alam ko ang lumilipat sa tv5 ay yung mga walang proyekto na binibigay sa kanilang istasyon o yung mga laos na at malaki ang tf. galing mismo kay cristy fermin na triple ang sweldo nila kumpara sa abs at gma na mas mababa ang pa-sweldo. sana hindi nalang siya lumipat kasi maganda naman ang career niya sa gma. o kaya sa kapamilya na lang siya lumipat sure mas sisikat siya dun. at di hamak na mas magaganda ang shows ng kapamilya network.

  10. Balita dati na lilipat sya sa ABS di ba pero I dont know what happened.. parang na amoy ata ng 7 na lilipat kaya parang hinarang or something like that… sayang kung natuloy yun BIG star na sya ngayon sa dos. Look at Jake cuenca now… eh di hamak naman mas gwapo si JC kay jake noh. Galing talaga magpasikat ang DOS aminin! Kahit yung mukhang katulong na si Sarah geronimo eh napaganda nila di ba? Also ang jologs na si Angeline quinto.. naging mukhang sosyal after manalo sya. Basta magaling ang DOS magpasikat.

  11. dapat kasi sa abs-cbn na lang siya lumipat. magaganda ang shows ng abs-cbn. mas mahahasa pa ang kanyang talent sa pag-arte. look at what happened to jake cuenca ng lumipat siya sa abs-cbn. mas gumaling siya umarte at nailabas talaga ng abs-cbn ang natatagong talent ni jake. jake is now one of our actors to watch for.

    ang mga lumilipat lang naman sa tv5 ay yung mga laos na at walang career pero itong si jc hindi pa naman laos eh.

    i heard the reason why he left gma is because his manager annabelle rama whats him to move to tv5 because of bigger tf but jc really wanted to stay with gma because he said that if he moves to tv5 he is not sure if his career will be the same as he is with gma. he even said that if he will move to another network is would choose abs-cbn because he thinks abs will take care of him and he will get good projects.

    i heard jc will have a soap with sarah geronimo if only abs have got jc to be with them.

  12. ang sakit mo naman magsalita sarah geronimo and angeline are already beautiful even before. abs just transformed them to a beautiful young lady.

    u know u just cannot see beauty by just looking at someones face. you have to know the person well first before u can judge him/her. remember the saying “DON’T JUDGE THE BOOK BY IT’S COVER”. even if a person looks bad or ugly from the physical appearance whats important is him/her inner beauty which is their personality.

    even if they look like a maid people wouldn’t mind for they have good heart. just look at melai, pokwang, why do u thing people like them!?


    1, Sa TV5 may trabaho siya.

    2. Malaki ang talent fee ang nakukuha niya sa TV5 (after all income namn talaga ang reason why maeami gustong mag artista)

    3. Hindi siya mababalahura sa TV5, unlike sa GMA at ABS na may mga ABUSADONG EXECUTIVES.

    4. TV5 is growing.
    As you can see the trend. Ang TV5 pataas at lumalaki ng sobra sobra.

  14. Siguro binugaw sya ng manager nya kay MVP para lang sa pera. Anak nga nya kaya nyang ibugaw sa brunei, alaga pa nya!

  15. hay, how i wish i have the powers and charisma of Mama Rey Pamaran. para maakit ko si JC. super like ko mga shots niya showing his lower abs. tulad ng isang bench ad niya na fully clothes siya and just showing the lower abs. love his apollo’s belt leading to his nether regions. am salivating!


  17. 1. It’s rather unfair to suggest that he’s “wasting away” in Channel 5 or that it was the wrong move that he jumped ship. It is still too early to tell. This is a young (major) network. In 5-10 years, the stars that they will be launching will be as big if not bigger than those launched by Channel 2.

    2. I disagree that JC is “laos”. He is one of the most visible of all the Channel 5 actors. That’s not saying a lot, but it provides leverage among the rest. I am not based in the PH, I never get to watch shows live on TV (I watch replays on the Internet), yet I know who he is. He has a new show, Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum with Jasmine Curtis (another upcoming star). True, he does not have the exposure of Channel 2 but that’s the uphill battle that Channel 5 is going to face. Being the most visible star of Channel 5 is better than being among the cargo-load of uber-unknown-talents of Channel 7 (Chynna Ortaleza anyone?).

    3. And speaking of, I totally disagree that Channel 7 was “taking care of him”. If you would remember, his last project was “LaLola” with Rhian Ramos in 2007. Then he was neglected and abandoned by the management for two years. That’s why Annabelle Rama was fed up. I’m not defending her, I’m just trying to make a point. Let’s face it, Channel 7 has the sloppiest talent management of all the networks. They focus on so few stars (only Marian, and Heart; only Richard, Aljur, Dennis, Dingdong. Then repeat) and under-utilize their immensely talentet talent pool (see Paulo Avelino). That’s why JC got frustrated. (Do you still remember Sarah Lahbati? She’s just 18…)

    4. That glorified pop stardom will eventually come for Channel 5 talents. But it will take a considerable amount of time. I remember in the late 80s to early 90s. Channel 13 and Channel 9 was up there with Channel 2 in the star making department. Fifteen years later, in the early 2000s, Channel 2 remained while Channel 7 emerged. It would be unfair to wish countless movies and endless tv shows for a Channel 5 talent because you are comparing the available resources for Channel 2. Channel 2 has movie arm/ recording company/ cable exposure/ worldwidest reach.

    So, yes he still has a chance, and he’s working it right now.
    And I agree, JC is much more handsome and talented than Jake Cuenca. In our industry, overexposure can lead people to believe that you are beautiful and talented. But it’s all just politics. The only negative thing I can agree with is that Channel 5 loves moldy leftovers of other networks. I mean, is Dolphy really still a draw?

  18. Maaring may projects at mas mataas na talent fee si JC sa TV5, but the network is still struggling to be even taken seriously by the majority of televiewers. Aminin natin, the network is shooting for the moon if they want to achieve in a few years what ABS and GMA took decades to build. By the time TV5 reaches at least half of what the two other networks have painstakingly established, JC will be more than ready to accept father roles. Sad but true.

  19. may executive ang channel 5 here. panumber number pa ang putsa sa pagexplain. walang nanunood ng mga tv shows nyo, mare. ang bantot ng mga shows at ang signal, yucky. asa ka pa.

  20. kawawa naman mga bekis d2…at tlagang pinagmamayabang pang nagbabayad ng lalaki…haha! hanggang pang callboy nalang kau, d na kau makakatikim ng t*t* ng proffesionals kasi iba na ang generATIOn ng bi’s ngaun…pakasarap na kalang kau! lol

  21. Mas kadiri ang shows ng GMA 7! Nagugulat ako pag nililipat ko ang channel ng tv ko, sinasabi ko na lang…”Sino yang mga yan?” Iglot, Futbullilits! hahahahahahaha!!!

  22. sayang! love ko pa naman siya noon sa gma. lagi ko siya pinapanood kasama ang kanyang dating ka-loveteam na si yasmien at ang ganda ganda ng soap nila at may chemistry talaga sila.

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