Summer Boys

The best curio this rainy season would have to be the new video called Summer Boys. It is an all-male video featuring hunky bikini open winner Jamil Basa [topmost], daring indie actor Jeff Luna [leftmost] , beefcake model Marco Posadas [bottom], cute martial arts fighter Mike Acuna [right, in red] and fresh discovery Jayar Sales [middle]. The story revolves around five guys in a “secluded paradise” and they “play and bond.” Summer Boys will be released in November 2009 at selected record outlets.

24 thoughts on “Summer Boys”

  1. Marco posadas if you want to try his jumbo sausage and have a good sex encounter call cedric javier 10K ang damage niya mga bakla gooooooooooooooooooo

  2. o hala ipost na ang number at asking price ng mga yan. meron bang package deal, yung silang lima sabay sabay? mas makakamura ba? eh kung kukuha ko ng tatlo lang, may discount rin vah? i like jeff, jamil, and marco. suki, magkano ang babayaran ko? pasok pa ba sa budget koh?


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