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The opening number of Private Parts Wearables: All Out Fashion Show 2 held the the Metrobar along West Ave., Quezon City, went something like the photo above. The guys posed and walked naked, like the famous Oblation Run at the State University, except that the guys here merely strode and strolled on stage prior to modeling the bikinis. The tall guy in the center is dauntless Jeffrey Surio.
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  1. This is a waste of time and space RD. Why not feature UAAP Players in their birthday suit instead?… The likes of JR Cawaling, Mac Baracael of FEU, Marcy Arellano, Chris Martinez and Gino Etrone of UE, Dylan Ababou, Khasim Mirza, Chester Taylor of UST, Chris Iiu of ADMU… or former UAAP players like Macky Escalona, Alwin Espiritu, Larry Fonacier etc.. We want something NEW…. Many Thanks!

  2. me shukep naman na teesyert and mga APO na nag-o-oblation run. itu, ibang lebel na itu. super buyangyang ang shotawan at fezlak ng mga otoko. at legit ang project ng event na itu ha. di ko keri. di talaga.

  3. A HOLIDAY MESSAGE…ahhh! december has come upon us. time for office & house parties, drink-ups and just simply lazing around making use of the many time offs. if alcohol will be part of your activities, always remember – DON’T DRINK & DRIVE. have an alcohol-free designated driver, take a cab or stay over (that sounds fun)…lastly, never forget


    (i know i am out of line but i believe it is an IMPORTANT piece to say) *****

  4. Ay, gusto ko pong maka-attend ng ganitong mga kaganapan. Paano po ba nakaka-attend sa ganito? Saan dapat mag-inquire?
    Paninda po ba ang mga otokong ito?

  5. Eh pano di dadami bading ni gino etrone sa sobrang guwapo nya.. he is a reluctant star… at ang SIZE ha …. gifted ang player na yan… I heard mas marami ang bading na sponsors ng mga UST TIGERS… after every game sagana sila sa masasarap in return ung sponsors sagana din… u know what i mean…

  6. You’re not out of line, Anonymous (December 2, 2007 6:51 PM). Kelangan ng konting paalala ang mga nagwawalang bading pag holiday season. Actually lahat ng nagwawala, period, straight man o hindi. Pero syempre, mas concerned ako sa mga kalahi natin. Si Demure naman, napakaseryoso. Pero agree ako sa lahat ng say mo. Sana more sisterettes who see only the beefcakes in this blog read your post, para naman umandar ng konti mga utak nila. Okay ka, Demure.

  7. alam ko madami bading si gino etrone coz naging isa ko sa mga bading niya…. for about 2 months…he’s really cute and good in bed unfortch sobrang dami tlaga ng bading,scary…ust has its own set of sponsors but itssan beda that has the most powerful sponsor…teecee everyone

  8. hahahaha… that’s not TRUE… I am a good friend of GINO ETRONE… Marami lang naninira sa kanya… He is the envy of everyone because he has lots of admirers GIRLS and GAYS! YES to GIRLS in BED but for GAYS he can be a friend… You prove to us your claim! You are hallucinating….

  9. Whew! Im interested with GINO ETRONE of UE does anyone knows the way where I could get him? (sigh!)…. Anonymous you are lucky you have gone to bed with him… how much did you pay?…..

  10. john roy i dont have to prove anything to you,its enuf that i know the truth,khet nung nsa davao pa si gino ganun na tlaga siya,o got him thru a booker for 40k…pie name ng booker…tc y’all

  11. are you bitter? the reason why you are trying to destroy GINO? Hahaha maybe you are trying to pursue him and you FAILED. That explains it! Anyway we cannot do anything about it…continue DREAMING….HAHAHA. GOOD LUCK!

  12. wow i can’t believe the moral grandstanding of my fellow gay peers. i’m happy these shows are around. i prefer to live in a culture that allows such open expressions of sexuality and love for the male body than in one that represses it. hurray to these brave models.

  13. have 2 agree na pabook yng si etrone,may friend ako na nakuha na sia and common knwledge na malakas sa sponsors yan

  14. aaaaaayyyyyy…..galeeeeettttt!! sow much galit namaaaann. in all caps pa no less. 😉

    fellow earthling, wag masyadong dibdibin ang mga comments dito. playtime lang ba. parang hiritan ng mga magkaka-sorority. oki? peace to all men! and mhin! and everyone else in between. 😀

  15. Bakit kaya nanggagalaiti ang ibang sisters pag kinonek mo ang parade of flesh sa larger picture; that is, sa social realities. Nakakatakot bang makita ang katotohanan? Gusto naman nating lahat makakita at makatikim ng etits, pero dyoskoday, that’s not the be all and end all of life. Malaking bagay yan, mga sis, pero isa lang.


  17. why cant we all live in peace…instead of fighting we should all be united…we gays have enough to fight about instead of fighting with each other

  18. i don’t hink galing kay jerome yung “pure english” comment nung imperial palace princess. i’ve known jerome for some time now, he doesn’t speak english very well. just a thought, if jerome doesn’t want to be involved in this kind of discussion and/or his so-called “own” photos, why do i see a lot of photos in this blog and even in UPH apparently coming from him? some or most of the naked photos of models posted in the internet come personally from jerome. his intention is obviously to destroy the models’ image especially those who have left him and found better managers. he is obviously bitter about it.

  19. To Anonymous (December 6, 6:09 PM).
    I agree with you but on second thought, it may be Jerome himself (“the imperial princess”) who tried to write his comment in English because the text is so ungrammatical. I’m quoting his statement below:

    “….ive just open your site today cause some friends told me that my name is being drag to this cheapy cheapy comments in your blog.)

    Well, I’m not really particular about how he writes his English; I’m more interested in the way he reacted to the comments in RD’s blog. Why should he react so strongly? Is he bitter? I find the earlier comments from Demure, Charlize Theron, and 3 other anonymous readers very insightful and objective. These are opinions that are not meant to destroy anyone. We should tolerate diversity of opinions and perspectives because that’s the way we learn.

    Tomorrow is the feast of the Virgin Mary, and may the Immaculate Conception inspire us to restrain our emotions and let understanding and tolerance reign in our hearts. God bless us all in this blog.

  20. Wow, record number of posts dito sa “All Out.” 53, as of this time. Still growing. And very intense and furious ang isang side. Let’s have a moratorium. Attend tayo ng gay pride event sa Raha Sulayman at doon tayo magkitakits. Di para mag-away kundi magkaisa. Let’s all sing, “We Are Family.”

  21. Hi, mga vaklush! Walang initan ng ulo. Nami-miss ko tuloy yung SOBRIETY ng iba jan. Bakit kaya tumahimik na si SEXagenarian? ano kaya say nya sa mga nag-aawayang sis? Ang concern ko lang naman, wag sanang dumating sa punto na matitigil na ang makulay at makahulugang talakayan dito sa blog na ito at ang mga kagila-gilalas na pictures.

  22. wa sa pagka know mag spuke ng enlish c jerome kc he spukes french, spanish , german and mende oo mag vaklush try nyo kausapin ang lola nyo. ha ha ha ha ha! personalin ba ang bakla! heya mga bading tama na tama na tama na ha ikaw anonymous at purity knowing ko kayo ginagamit pa nyo ang namesung ko ha tama na kayo!

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