Jiro Dedicates Win To…

.. his mom, who is sick right now.  Nineteen-year-old Jiro Shirakawa snagged the Mossimo Bikini Summit title just last weekend, edging out the prominent contestants. He hopes that this win will open more doors for him in the modeling world, which is now his bread-and-butter as he has reportedly stopped going to school at the Philippine School of Business Administration [PSBA]. This Japanese-Filipino cutie has been previously featured in top magazines and publications, and has done the major fashion campaigns of Bench, Penshoppe and Mossimo.  He says he wants to concentrate for now in modeling, as he has put school off temporarily.  His mother, who has cancer, has accepted this decision of Jiro.  Showbiz next? We’ll find out soon.

19 thoughts on “Jiro Dedicates Win To…”

  1. Sad to hear that, well that only means that he is destined to win. That’s a sweet victory despite of the challeges that comes along his way. Stay strong and positive my Jiro!

  2. there are rumors that some got “lucky” kaya jiro won. well girls, you know what ‘lucky’ means. harhar

  3. medyo mapurol nga lang kaso modeling lang naman so it doesnt matter whats up there di ba, down there pwede pa hahaha

  4. Anonymous said…

    nope, i don’t know what “lucky” means? what does it mean ?

    May 26, 2009 10:10 PM


    anu ka ba. eh di someone got to taste him. as if hindi niyo alam how bikini pageants are done. hehe

  5. he’s a really nice guy…

    i reckon some guys just trudge on, no matter what they hear is spoken about them and their personage.

    i wouldn’t be too quick to judge.

    i’m a little biased towards him because he’s Jiro,that’s enough for me…

  6. common knowledge na yan that in every bikini contest may kababuyan na nangyayari well read between the lines, sad to say this, but young male now a days wala nang self respect pinagpapalit nila popularity sa morality nila , pardon me mga bayot, pero that is a fact, to jiro , well i know what you did even before the pageant.

  7. so undeserving to win. there are better choices noh! ano ba tong mossimo pageant napulitika na rin!

  8. Wow look who’s talking. Ganun ba? Ganyan talaga sa modeling and showbiz industry. Pag inggit na ang umiral, patay kang bata ka. Sira dito, sira doon, kapag alam nilang sumisikat ang isang tao at nakikilala. Hihilahin at hihilahin pababa. Bakit hindi niyo na lang tanggapin that Jiro deserves to hold his title in Mossimo Bikini Summit. Super kilig talaga sa kagwapuhan. Keep it up Jiro. Mamatay na sa inggit ang mga talunan. At siguro, yung mga naninira na yan, gawain nila kung ano mga sinasabi nila. Amen. Go Jiro! Good Luck sa career! Sana makilala kita in person.

  9. Hi Jiro! Congrats again! When I first saw you on stage, I readily knew that you’re gonna win in that said contest, which is Mossimo Bikini Summit ’09. Don’t mind the envious ones. They are just there to put you down cos you’re becoming famous already. I like what you’ve answered in Q&A portion. You are so transparent. Very true person. Good luck and God bless you and your career! Hope to meet you sometime. 😛

  10. ….masarap sya…

    na hada ko na ito sa PSBA days pa… ka txt ko nga sya..last week …COngrtas I said..

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