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Joem, Too

Throw in Joem Bascon, too, into the pretty-boy brew of ABS-CBN’s latest prime time hit, Walang Hanggan. The 25-year-old actor, who is still waiting in the wings for that one big break, is doing a supporting yet significant role in the soap. He is currently an underwear model for Guitar with Carlos Agassi.
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  1. he is not that good looking, but he is definitely hot!! suwerte naman swerte naman ng mga hands na yan! sana sa pubes nilagay ang hands!

  2. Joem is has angas factor i just hope he is not maangas for real.. may kaya family niya and he doesn’t do bookings..hindi din naman siya kapunggokan tulad ng sinasabi ng iba.. atleast not as john pratts punggok.. he is 5’8”

  3. SA Dos kasi may monopoly ang mga baklang perv sa mga talents. Kung sino gusto nila ilagay e yun at yun na lang. Wasted si Joem dito sa Dos kasi magaling sya at maliliit lang breaks nya.

  4. so hot.. pinoy good looks. yun nga lang di katangkaran.. feel ko lang regie lang din ang etits nito like most pinoy… mataba na pungok hehe!

  5. Super lakas talaga ng sex appeal ni Joem. I like him more shaven. Mas malinis tignan unlike before. More daring pics of Joem RD please!

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