Johnron in a three-way?

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Rushes Sunday: “Remember those bickering sexy actors who complained about each other’s unpleasant body odors before shooting a bed scene? It turned out they are now engaged in a three-way fight with another daring bimbo over showbiz projects. Seems these guys are more petulant than their female counterparts.” It seems the Inquirer people are just drumming up the buzz created by fans who are standing by their favorite Provoq man [ be it Harry, Justin or Johnron]. Remember there was even a heated exchange of harsh words in here, about who’s the hotter one? Besides, there are no showbiz projects, yet.

13 thoughts on “Johnron in a three-way?”

  1. For a fact, Justin de leon has a TV show right now where he is a lead comedy TV host along with Hyubs Azarcon in Ano Bang Trip Mo at Studio 23 and according to the big people of Studio 23, their show has the highest ratings so far in all Studio 23 shows..So I guess it wouldn’t be fair to say that there are no showbiz projects for Justin. It’s not anymore a question if whos got the beefiest look but its a competition of talent and versatility..And whos got more projects that are not just bold in nature? That separates Justin de leon from Harry and Johnron..In fairness to Justin, he has got so many accomplishments humbly credited to his name ( soaps, TV shows, hosting gigs, indie films and stage plays )..The guy can act, can host..He has proven that he can be very well treated as a serious actor..Justin de leon just finished a film with Andrew Shimmer and Cristine Reyes in Green Paradise and right now he is shooting two indie films, one with Allen Dizon and one where he took the place of Alfred Vargas, another indie film..So is that what you call no projects??? Justin de leon is way above the league of Harry and Johnron..The latter two has yet to prove their worth not just as a beefcake but as an artist….Justin de leon is evolving as an artist, simply put…And I believe RD said Justin de leon is truly a multi-talented guy in one of his postings…Give Justin a credit for what he has so far accomplished..Hope he gets to be big and get bigger projects soon, the guy can pretty well act…

  2. hmm…another post on johnron? this makes my day! like me, RD seems to have also been smitten by johnron’s loin-stirring charms. i simply love this guy! if he is in a triad with justin and harry, he should be at the center as provoq’s sexiest hunk.

    like coffee, johnron is addictive; i don’t complain as RD serves us johnron cup after cup, after cup…and i wish i could have him under my skin after that first handshake.

  3. Sayang naman kung mag-aaway-away lang sila. Bka naman pnag-aaway lang para pag-usapan. Mga pareng Harry, Justin, Johnron, magkabati-bati na lang sana at magtulungan kayo. Pare-pareho naman kayong magagandang lalake at matitipuno katawan. Magmahalan na lang sana kayo. Magyakapan.

  4. ANOTHER FUROR DE JOUR…but this time with a bigger bang, bigger and mightier than george bush can deliver to the talibans. early commentary results say that this will be a super hit. Hot Men in the Philippines is on its way to becoming part of philippine history.

    sorry no comments from me about the trois. remember, i am an outsider…

  5. taka naman ako kay anonymous (november 19, 2:18 pm) at super emote sa pagtatanggol kay justin e di naman sinisiraan ang kanyang idolo. bakit kaya??? eto rin yung super emote sa paninira kay johnron. bakit kaya??? paulit ulit lang naman ang sinasabi nya.

    si justin ang idol mo, e di isaksak mo sya sa baga mo, hoy. kanya kanyang opinion lang yan at wag ka na paulit ulit pa ng sinasabi. yung ibang bading, kay harry. yung iba naman, kay johnron patay na patay. ganyan lang ang mundo, kanya kanya ng gusto, okidoki?

  6. eto nanaman ang hari ng mga callboyish. hahaha. Go Johnron! SHow them that you’re really the most callboyish of all!

    hindi naman nag-aaway yung tatlong hubadero eh. ang mga baklitang fans nila ang away ng away.

  7. Suggestion lang kay Lex Bonife, sana gawa kayo ng isa pang indie film na sina Justin, Harry and Johnron ang mga bida..Ang working title, ” Isang gabi, Tatlong Lalake”..O di ba ang taray..

    Episode 1 Justin de leon in Ang Artista

    Episode 2 Harry Chua in Ang Beteranong Pageant Contestant

    Episode 3 Jonhron Tanada in Ang Callboy

    O di ba panalo!!! hehehehe…

  8. Mas maganda kung ganito ang episodes:

    1. Justin de Leon, Ang Pahadang FX Driver

    2. Harry Chua, Ang Bayarang Tambay sa Mall

    3. Johnron Tanada, Ang Marinong Torero

  9. ayoko sa kanila eh kung gayahin na lang kaya nila ang mga japanese porn boys ko sa pag all the way eh di masaya! in the meantime, ill just enjoy my japanese gay porn…

  10. I still think Harry and Justin are stars more than Johnron…..My opinion lang naman…..Wag nyo na silang pagawayan kasi lahat naman sila eh masasarap! hehehe..Yun nga lang iba ibang aura, si Justin daw blue collar hottie, si Harry naman Mall rat hottie at si Johnron callboyish beauty..hahahaha:-)

  11. sure ako sila lahat ay nagdaan sa laway ng bading at nag solicit sila ng support ng bading. in that sense, LAHAT SILA AY CALLBOY. period.

  12. Kelan ba ilalabas ang DVD ng Cruise Fashion Show ng Men of provoq sa NBC Tent and yung Lalake sa Parola RD?? Pakitanong naman kay Lex Bonife pls kasi tagal na namin naghihintay nun…:-) Thank you.

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