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Joseph Marco in briefs

Here’s Joseph Marco in undies and he sure looks hot! This one was taken a couple of months ago at the Mossimo party. The 20-year-old commercial model finally took the plunge and agreed to wear jockeys on the ramp. His career over at GMA 7 as an exclusive GMA Artist Center talent seemed to have been stalled a bit but hopefully things will get busy for him this year. Or maybe the creative think tank at his home studio can package him in sexy roles now that he can don tight underwear with, uh, hardihood!
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  1. hey, rd what’s was the exact name of the event where this came from? just heard it over the news months ago but i can’t find any more pictures on the net.

  2. the event is Mossimo Intensity 10 at Club Ascend! It was an exclusive Anniversary Party.
    The show was great. There are models from PMAP and Mossimo Bikini Summit past contestants.
    There are also hunky guys who danced without their shirts on just like guys from Philippine All-stars and streetboys!

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