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Antonio’s Secret is Out!

Ang Lihim ni Antonio [Antonio’s Secret] had a successful premiere recently at the UP Film Institute. The uncut version of the “boldest gay film in Philippine history” was screened to an SRO crowd. It stars newcomer twinkie Kenjie Garcia and Josh Ivan Morales aka Maico Eduria [in photo] of Provoq . On 13 February, the movie will have its regular run at the Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Bacolod and Eden Theater (Cebu). I’m wondering, Lex, if the uncut version will be shown in those theaters, too?
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  1. Beautiful photo. Powerful image. A man on top of you is most erotic thing you can be into. You worship him, you’ll be in his command. He pleases the cock he teases!!

  2. for those who have watched this film, what would you get to see on this film? will there be more skin and sexy scenes???

  3. the movie contain a whole lot of very very sexy…cum jerker scenes! lol most daring pink film ever lol haha
    watch kau astig!

  4. hmm, i hope antonio goes on extended run at galleria till end february so i can catch it when i return…that crotch of josh ivan/ maico is genuine; he is so male, and his machismo image so powerful that the barely legal teenage gay succumbs.

    just a thought: i understand there are teenage actors here (jiro manio and another newcomer). are these kids of barely legal age, and if so, are these kids covered with DOLE permits to work in this indie film? i read somewhere it’s a soft-porn movie, so there…

  5. i am also concerned of the age of the young lead. He is supposed to be only 15 in the movie. If he is a actually a minor, then there maybe some issues since he was clearly in sex scenes (jerking off, or holding the older man’s penis). Just a comment.

  6. Have watched the film…and it was the most sexiest gay film i’ve ever watched. I wish i could have a dvd copy of this film and i’ll treasure for the rest of my life….

  7. May magpapa-imbestiga ba ng tunay na edad ni Kenjie? I read from the papers that he’s 19. And he looks it. Viva is careful about that matter so they report, or claim, that he’s not a minor. Ano nga ba talaga?

  8. Isn’t it obvious? The actor in question wouldn’t be allowed to do sex scenes if he’s a minor. Kung illegal hindi naman siguro ganoon katanga ang filmmakers na gagawin pa rin nila. Of course they’re gonna be mum about the guy’s real age to titillate the viewers. Josh Ivan Morales (aka Maico Eduria ba?) is hot but he’d be 10x hotter if he didn’t look so polished and manicured, yun bang mas natural. Now he’s like a spoiled poodle.

  9. Jiro Manio is still a minor; he is turning 16 this coming May (he was born May 9, 1992). This may be a soft-porn movie but Jiro’s role may not have required jerking off and outright gay sex unlike the newcomer playing the lead role.

    I have always been a fan of this kid and have seen his brilliant performance in Magnifico and Foster Child, both of which gained international recognition. I hope producers invest in this very talented young man and build him up into a big star soon.

    Trivia on Jiro: would you believe this 15-year old is in love with a 21-year old woman? Check out his link:,-15,-stands-up-for-love-with-21-year-old-girlfriend

  10. i wacth the video of “Ang Lihim Ni Antonio” from episode 1 to´s really really really amazing.Jeg elsker veldig mye og se den video.Hilsen fra Norway

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