Hot Discovery: EJ Afzelius, Jr.

Fil-Swede EJ Afzelius, Jr. is into theater, last seen more prominently in the nth Philippine staging of Romeo and Juliet by the new theater group Metropolitan Theater Guild Asia earlier last year. He has also done various tv commercials. EJ Afzelius Jr went to the University of Asia and the Pacific and was a prominent campus figure there.

11 thoughts on “Hot Discovery: EJ Afzelius, Jr.”

  1. rd, this guy is your greatest find in 2007! fresh face, young and beefy at the right places, succulent bulge, and all! and where has he been hiding, at the met? more on EJ please, and please post him again soon!

  2. uncut naman talaga yan eh… tingnan picture ni piolo bakat talaga ang tunay na ulo ng tuli. ito supot talaga to…di ba..

  3. Saw him once praying at a Makati village church crypt, wow, I couldn’t concentrate on my own prayers. he was one hot guy and he looked so peaceful praying…the perfect boyfriend to take home to your folks…

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