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WITWI: JC Castro

He’s the 90’s male sexy-movies actor, the one with the impish voice like he was wearing jockeys three sizes under. But he had a nice bod and oh so bold in his photo shoots and movies. Juan Carlos “JC” Castro is sorely missed in showbiz – not so much in the acting genre but as chum and fodder for the gay mags. Where in the world is JC Castro?
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  1. JC looks bored, imperative of his facial expression, slouchy posture and limpy dick. what can spice up my dear, maybe a tall ice capp, jumbo starbucks christmas blend or green chia. any suggested impetus anyone for JC’s sake?

  2. nakakairita talaga ang mga comment ni maple! mashadong pa intellectual, obviosang parlorista naman!

    anywayz, more JC please. eternal ang kanyang yumminess.

  3. these are indeed old fotos of jc castro. jc hibernated after his short-lived business venture flopped – the calendar boys. he resurfaced i a tv show a few months later sporting a portly look. showbiz wags are now saying he is in japan?

    HA!HA!HA! i have been called many names but this is a first (ingenuity?). if i am a parlolista, i would probably own the shop and you will be working for me. your first task – GET ME COFFEE!

  5. hoy maple, tumahimik ka na nga lang. totoo naman na nakaka imbyerna ang mga comments mo noh. nakakasira lang ng araw. pa intellectual effect mali mali naman.

    di ba “stick and stones MAY break my bones but names will never hurt me” yun? hindi stick and stones WON’T break my bones. bobita.

    Quever kung mayaman ka! that doesn’t make you beter than the rest of us.

  6. my comments are my own compositions. not copied, misquoted or plagiarized. if ever i do quote, i would used “…”. mainit masyado ang ulo ni ate. mag-enjoy ka na lang. baka malapit na regla mo. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  7. Hi Maple!….bakit away ka nila?
    I like your comments, so very yours talaga,..and di ka pikon!
    Shows meron ka talagang breeding…heheheh. Just wonderin’ why people have to lose it in here.
    It’s a free blog anyway, so to each his own, da vah!
    anyways, peace to all!!!

  8. Mayaman nga ba si Maple? Kung ganun, magpakabait na lang ang mga vadaff at apply na lang sila sa parlor niya. I am sure kakailanganin ni Maple ang mga tagawalis ng mga buhok na pinutol. I’m with Maple, agree ako sa kanya na slouchy posture ni JC, pero ok lang na limp ang dick. Mas maganda nga yun dahil machachallenge ka na buhayin ang patay.

  9. Tinawag na parlorista ang fashionista at flamboyant na si Maple! Ayaw ng mga may-ari at nagtatrabaho sa funeral homes! Hahaha! Peace to you all!

  10. HELP ME! I AM BADING LINGO CHALLENGED… honestly and i must confess i have been away from the phil. for a long, long time. even on my recent trips i have been sheltered in my aunt’s home. never to hear such bading words that i come across over here in the blog. secretly, what i do is take note of words and when my boytoy calls from manila (to ask for money of course) i give him the list. i.e. chaka, had-had, pahada, matalinghaga, hitad, haller, etc. in return he gives the meanings then asks me “where do you pick up these words”… i feel more comfortable in english. but from now on i would endeavour my best to incorporate tagalog in my writings…thanks guys for you attention.

  11. Matalinghaga (or matalinhaga) is not Gayspeak. It is pure Tagalog meaning poetic, expressive, flowery. I am not sure if the other words come from gay lingo but I was already hearing hitad during the ’90s but only in this century do I hear words like chaka (ngetpa), hadhad, pahada (for pickup, and it’s not about an inanimate object), haller (a variation of hello), balahura, pasaway. It is obvious that gayspeak changes with every season. Yun na lang bakla, noong ’50s ay biniboy or syoki; nung ’70s naging sward. Does anybody still use the word sward or syoki nowadays? Kasi nga, when it comes to language, mas creative at flexible ang mga binabae. That’s jokla for you.
    Masyado ko raw sineseryoso.

  12. “MASYADOKO KO RAW SINESERYOSO”…that line really hit me hard, like a jolt of 500watts. i finally found the key to the enjoyment of blogging – get loose, insensitive, impersonal, shun your inner personality and just GET DOWN ENJOY. as long as there are no cussing or name calling, I AM IN for long…thanks for adding to my vocabulary (info you won’t find at any national bookstore). tho, still i don’t get the meaning of UNANG HIRIT the M-F news programme on local TV (i have guesses).

  13. I read Maple comment sya yung tipong ilagay mo sa malayo sa civilisation she will just die or will really have challange to survive
    Truly marami na syang Kape nainom and that doesn’t make superior or intellectual.Pangit ka cguro noh

  14. I read Maple comment sya yung tipong ilagay mo sa malayo sa civilisation she will just die or will really have challange to survive
    Truly marami na syang Kape nainom and that doesn’t make superior or intellectual.Pangit ka cguro noh

  15. Naku yan yung favorite actor ng tita ko dati pa,, sobrang macho daw kc nya noon at lalakeng lalake daw at walang takot maghubad at very manly

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