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Whatever happened to Harry and Justin?

After the success of Ang Lalake sa Parola, lead actors Harry Chua and Justin de Leon seemed to have disappeared from the limelight. Last seen at the Cruise show last year, the popular couple from the Men of Provoq are just not that visible these days. Maybe they are busy shooting another movie, proof positive that the duo has such great appeal and chemistry on screen that the producers are churning up a bolder movie now. Maybe Lex [Parola and Ang Lihim ni Antonio writer] can update us about the two?
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  1. Si Harry medyo nahihiya pa sa exposure nya kaya nagtatago saglit. Buking na kasi na di kalakihan titi nya kahit nakatigas. So di na sya pagpapantasyahan ng mga bading. haha.

  2. Justin de leon has finished a new film “Crossroads” with Krista Ranillo…He will also be part of a new soap opera in Channel 7..Plus Ano Bang Trip Mo The TV show under a new producer will again be revived in Studio 23 opposite Hyubs Azarcon..So many projects for this multi-talented hunk actor…Cheers Justin!

  3. FINALLY, FINALLY i got the chance to watch L.S.P…got the pirated copy from my fave korean store for $5 or PHP200 (sorry the director did not make a cent from my purchase). am surprised it did not take long before it was made available 1/2way around the world.

    MY COMMENTS? do you ever watch the gerry springer show (or circus)? whenever he has a guest who have had an affair with the same sex, he labels them categorically as gay. then the whole live audience loudly chants “YOU ARE GAY, YOU ARE GAY”. that’s how gerry would label Mateo. of course, gerry and his audience does not understand filipino rickshaw philosophy.

    LAST NITE…i had 20 winks of sleep, thinking of this guy harry laurel. he is a cute darling to cuddle in this dead of winter.

    IS SIKIL DVD NOT FAR BEHIND…the pirates are watching (and filming).*****

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