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King’s back!

I was thinking butts today, and all I could visualize was this picture of Kristofer King for Climax magazine, and I sure hope Mr. Caw – the publisher – wouldn’t mind if I share this photo with you guys, because this is just too good to pass up.  It bears stressing that Mr. King, who seems to have an aversion for any piece of clothing, is the only contemporary Filipino actor who has gone to the renowned Festival de Cannes twice.  So there, we can now lay claim to have seen his ass cheeks. And his penis in the Cannes movie Serbis
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  1. I need to get this guys number….please.. please…. i will pay whoever brings him to me…..also Josh Ivan Morales. I am willing to pay someone to bring both to me…..

  2. Im new to this BLog. Im here in the states. I have fun reading the blogs. Based on the most of the blogs, it seemed very possible for me to even get hold of these GUYS posted. What are the possibilities and who do I reach out for their contact infos? Thanks girls. mwah!

  3. Hey ritchie,
    He’s a friend of mine, I can probably arrange a meet up if you want. Medyo hesistant ako to post my email here so how do I get in touch with you?

  4. met him a few weeks ago! 🙂 sinundo ko sya sa metrowalk,and so lousy in bed 🙂 hes better looking in pictures than in person! and amoy lotion na bagong masahe na ewan! bka nagmamasahe na sya ngaun

  5. hi tony. i’m chris. r u d one na nakatabi ko during kris’s dancing night? u told me friend kau…
    u left agad eh. sna ikaw nga…

  6. @ anonymous nov 9 11:48am

    hi i’m the one ung nakatabi mo sa mankind but my name is not tony. yes he’s a friend of mine

  7. @ Anonymous November 10, 2008 2:29 AM

    Wow, i thot d na kita uli makokonek. i 4got ur name, i only remember tony. sana nga ikaw ung nakatabi ko. in any case, sana u can make me mit kris.


  8. hi Chris, as long as you’re the one wearing maong pants and black tshirt. Dun ako nakaupo sa corner ung daanan ng mga MDs pag nag sshower.I’m wearing black polo shirt before.Yes ako ung kasama ni King that night. As per to your request, for me to arrange a meeting with him I can’t do that kasi parang binubugaw ko siya. Unlike the others who posted their services to do so. He’s a friend of mine pero alam ko ung mga ginagawa nya. We hang out almost every night/day.

  9. @ Anonymous
    November 11, 2008 7:40 AM

    yes, ako nga un. u left agad. db u promised 2 introduce me 2 kris?=) but u left agad and i waited pa din. anyway, sana we can meet. even sans kris. i never thot d2 pa kita makokonek…

  10. oh i have a lot of nude pictures of kristopher king.naka do ko na siya at pumayag siya na picturan ko siya,hes nice and good in bed.

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