Bench goes tame

If you noticed the current billboards of Bench underwear announcing their July 25 show at the Araneta Coliseum entitled Blackout, the models seem to be in bland and boring poses [and clothes!]. A far cry from the Bench Body ads of yore. Blame it on a lawmaker who is hell-bent in “regulating” billboards with models wearing undies. This particular senator even singled out Dingdong Dantes‘s ads along EDSA, saying Bench “trivializes nudity.” Whatever he meant by that, Bench is taking heed, but here in this site, I’m pretty sure and serious about nakedness.

18 thoughts on “Bench goes tame”

  1. pucha!

    ang laki talaga ng bunal ni

    kapitan boom

    nakatagilid, di pa yan galit!

    kaya lang, parang supot? who cares!

  2. i really don’t get tired of admiring rafael.

    bakit kasama niya si jon santos? hehehe ay jon avila pala (anti-hair/contrapelo talaga ako kay jon).

  3. so what kung uncircumcised? those complaints are so PROMDI! the majority of the men on EARTH are uncut.

  4. punyeta kayong mga bakla na napakahayok sa ideya ng pagtutuli sa bansang ito. No wonder our nation’s perception of inner beauty is equated to vicky belo and calayan. come on filipinos, you gotta love that foreskin down under. it won’t be there for nothing. i expect more from the gay community!

  5. Mayroon palang “straight” (o straight kuno) na nagbubukas ng blog na ito, at minumura pa ang mga sis niya (Anonymous, July 2, 2008 1:00 AM). I agree with his ideas on circumcision and the artificial beauty which the Belo-Calayan ilk is foisting on us, but honey, you don’t win over people to your side when you antagonize them, much less, throw a cuss word at them. Be more calm, relaxed, courteous, polite, and civil. Pagtutuli lang naman ang pinag-uusapan, di naman something like “capital punishment” or “the ill-effects of the Arroyo plunder and mass deception.” Even then, kailangan pa rin ang hinahon. Gosh, you’re so uptight. Supot ka pa siguro, Ateng.

  6. To Anonymous (July 2, 2008, 1AM)

    If you want to say something, say it well. No need to curse. If you want to say something, say it also without any hasty generalization. It seems like you are the one with problems, not those whom you claim to complain a lot about being cut or uncut. Geesh. “Come on Filipinos…” – you also say this as if speaking from a third person. You feel yourself higher than the rest of Pinoys for you to do that? Geesh.

  7. Now you have a problem with the word “punyeta”. Seriously, you have a mentality of classifying/ discriminating/ distinguishing words among other words such as “coffee” or “cigarettes”.

    I suggest that you guys try to read poems and analyze their structure (eg iambic pentameter) instead of the moral it conveys (eg The poem talks about hope and love).

    And then you’ll get my point why words like punyeta, asshole, bitch, among others, should be given the same respect as to what we bestow words such as coffee, cigarettes, Internet, street, etc.
    Save the words. Stop discrimination.

  8. bakit naman pinagtabi sila? a perfect study in contrast… si jon avila lalong naemphasize ang pagiging bland at boring… si rafael lalong na emphasize ang kanyang raw, animalistic appeal.

  9. Ay naku ha, Anonymous (July 3, 2008 1:29 AM, uly 2, 2008 1:00 AM), ikaw na lang yata ang nakakaintindi sa mga sinasabi mo. Ano ba’ng respect-respect the words pa ang sinasabi mo. E kung may magmura sa iyo nang harapan na “PUTANG INA MO KANG IGNORANTE KANG BAKLA KA NA PATAY-GUTOM NA NEGRO AT PANGO PA,” haaay, kahit na totoo lahat, I’m sure you won’t think of stuff like iambic pentameter and instead dali-dali kang uuwi para kumuha ng itak at pagtatatagain mo ang lumait sa iyo. Respect the words? My foot. Ang lalim-lalim mo namang mag-isip, Acheng.

  10. mga ateng, question. is it true na may isang model agency na banned saw sa bench show? ito pa namang agency na ito ay kilala sa pagfa-fly in ng mga male models, not to mention na meron din sila mga class “a” pinoy models. dito rin daw galing si zanjoe marudo before ito nag artista. kung totoo ang chismax, kawawa naman ang mga models nila.

  11. My god, July 3, 2008 5:21pm, how shallow can your brain get? Go get some… and I mean “some”!

    PS Who’s that senator? Is he or a she? If she, then it’s easy to slim down my choices and eventually come up with one.

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