James Luther’s back!

James Luther is back for a tease.  Which reminds me again – after all the small-dick, big-dick talk, we go behind the man.  How important is the size of a man’s butt to you? Or does it matter at all?  Some people want them round and plump and fleshy. Others prefer lean and flat. I’m going for the fat and bouncing variety, if you ask me. There’s something about a man with a bubble butt. What’s your take?

4 thoughts on “James Luther’s back!”

  1. nice butt talaga.i really like this guy.cute,nice body and of course bubble butt.kaya lang mukhang short height.mas gusto ko pa talaga si benjie alvarez.pls rd ifeature mo naman ulit sya.i really fantasize him.pls pls pls

  2. u want to see him,,u can see him often at exito comedy bar in valenzuela..i saw him there and i can say he was good in bed,,i fucked this guy already..great in bed.

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